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Guide to Finding a Bicycle Light That Shines

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Some people consider a bicycle light only necessary at night. The fact is, using your bike lights in the daytime is just as useful as using them at night. After all, most states require that motorcycles have their headlight on in the daytime. And many new cars have headlamps that are on any time the vehicle is running. The reason is not so they can see better, but so they can be seen. You need one on your bike for the same reason: safety.

When you start shopping for the best bicycle light, there are features and options to think about. The luminosity, the power supply, and how it attaches to your bike are just a few things to consider. Some bicycle lights have built-in batteries, while with others, you'll need to purchase and install them.

Why You Need a Bicycle Light

person and a bike' silhouette

All states have various bicycle helmet, headlight, and traffic laws, and using a headlamp at night is usually among them. However, the main reason for a bicycle light is not just because of the law -- it's so drivers can see you. That's more important than you being able to see them. The logic is simple; you being aware of a car is not nearly as critical as a car being aware of you.

On your bicycle, you don't have the sizeable mass of a car. That makes you much harder to see even in the daytime. Add to that the fact that encountering a bicycle isn’t something most drivers do every day, and you soon understand why a motorist will not be looking out for you on your bike.

Finding the Best Bicycle Light


We can’t tell you which bicycle light is the best one for you -- no one could. There are too many options and features for one single bicycle light to be perfect for everyone. So, the list that follows contains some of the best models on the market that tick all the boxes that the majority of cyclists found necessary. We haven't listed them in any particular order, but you're bound to find one that works for you.

CAT EYE - Volt 1600 Rechargeable Headlight
  • SEE AND BE SEEN: The Volt 1600 has high-intensity white LEDs that provide 1600 lumens, lighting the way and alerting...
  • LIGHT FOR EVERY RIDE: Whether you're riding in broad daylight or complete darkness, we've got you covered. The Volt 1600...
  • SECURE AND GO: Spend less time setting up your gear and more time on the road. With our FlexTight Bracket, you can...

It just makes sense; the brighter your bicycle light, the safer you should be. Seeing farther ahead gives you more time to react to road hazards, avoid pedestrians, and remain visible from a greater distance by motorists. The ultra-bright CatEye Volt 1600 was one of the brightest lights we considered.

Not only is it bright, but it’s easy to mount and stays where you put it! The CatEye 1600 doesn’t connect to a permanent mount but instead fastens to your frame with a thumbwheel. To take it off, just push the release button and remove it. That lets you remove it for extended daytime use and easily install it when the sun goes down.


The most prominent feature is the brightness. The CatEye 1600 delivers up to a full 1,600 lumens from a pair of lamps to brighten the path ahead. They also throw light on your peripherals for increased safety.

With five intensity settings to adjust to your riding situation, you can use lower settings to extend your battery life when cycling through known terrain. The CatEye adjusts to high, middle, low, hyper constant, and flashing light modes for emergencies. The battery holds a charge for 100 hours under regular use. However, if your battery should drain entirely on the road, you can recharge it with an external USB power source.

The OptiCube lens system keeps the trail visible and traversable even in lower-light settings. The battery recharges to a usable level in 9 hours and fully in 16 hours.


  • Configuration: Dual
  • Output: Variable
  • Modes: five
  • Dimensions: 4.52 by 2.3 by .3 inches
  • Weight: nine ounces
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion Battery (3.6 volts – 6800 milliamps)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Run Time (by lumen setting) : 1600 = 2 hours / 500 = 5 hours / 200 = 15 hours / Flashing (@ 200 lumens) = 100 hours
Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light – 9 Night & Day Modes...
  • INCREDIBLY POWERFUL 1, 100 lumen USB rechargeable bicycle light with a long range and extra wide beam in a sleek and...
  • 9 LIGHTING MODES: (Night Use: Boost - High - Medium - Low - SteadyPulse) Walking mode for use also as a flashlight (Day...
  • EXCLUSIVE STEADYPULSEmode alerts motorists with attention grabbing light pulses while its overlapping steady beam...

The Cygolite Metro Pro 1100 comes with a bright headlight to keep you safer during dusk to dawn biking.

The Metro stands out for its bright front beam, and it puts out plenty of light while not wasting battery power. It requires no tools for secure installation or easy removal. Add the seven different modes of light, and this Cygolite model easily makes our list. With a medium price point, you have an all-around winner.


Equipped with ECO® (Enhanced Cycle Optics) to produce an extra wide and long-range beam, this USB rechargeable light lasts up to 100 hours on a single charge.

Powerful 1100 lumen output with 24/7 Safety Technology® offers 9 powerful day and night modes. The DayLightning® produces pulses of bright flashes while continuing to light your path. There is a low battery indicator, side illumination ports, and a quick-release handlebar mount.


  • Configuration: Single
  • Output : 1100 lumens
  • Modes: nine
  • Dimensions: 6.8 by 4 by 3 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Power Source: Lithium ion battery
  • Waterproof: Water resistant
  • Run Time (by setting): Full = 1 hour / High = 3 hours / Low = 10 hours / Pulse = 4 hours /day Lightning = 14 hours / Triple Flash = 22 hours / Zoom = 4 hours / Walking = 100 hours
Bike Light Set - Super Bright LED Lights for Your Bicycle - Easy to...
  • SAFETY FIRST! This reliable well-built bicycle lighting kit makes you easy to be seen by motorists. Don't risk danger by...
  • HIGH-QUALITY! The torch is made of solid aluminum and reflector by rugged ABS plastic. It won't rust or corrode. This...
  • STRONG LED so they never fail - 200 Lumen of high efficiency and long lasting bulbs operated by 5 AAA batteries 3 in the...

Suppose you blew your budget on your shiny new bicycle, but still want to cover your nighttime riding safety issues. With the TeamObsidian bicycle light, we may have just what you need. This very well-built head and tail light combo kit offers bright light safety at a reasonable price point.

This set is so inexpensive that you can outfit your entire family for less than the cost of other comparable sets. The TeamObsidian bike light set attaches with no tools and fits any size handlebars. The easy release feature allows you to remove it from your bike before someone else does.


It may seem odd to consider the lack of a built-in battery a feature, but in this case, it just may be. By not including a built-in battery, TeamObsidian can produce a surprisingly sturdy and bright light and keep the price point low. Even after purchasing five AAA batteries separately, this combo still comes in as your best budget bicycle light. It can also be far easier to find five AAA batteries on the road in a pinch than it may be to locate a USB power source to recharge a built-in battery.

The 200-lumen light can be seen from over 100 yards away and has 3 lighting modes, including high, low, and flashing. The powerful tail light also boasts of three flashing modes for specific riding situations. You will be easy to see at night, and motorists will have plenty of time to avoid you.

TeamObsidian offers a "100 percent no-hassle lifetime guarantee" and will refund your full purchase amount if you're unhappy with their bicycle light set. Also, if the light ever fails, they’ll ship you a new one.


  • Configuration: Single
  • Output: 200 lumens
  • Modes: three
  • Dimensions: 4.0 by 2.8 by 3.2 inches
  • Weight: four ounces (without batteries)
  • Power Source: five AAA batteries. three in the headlight, two in the tail light
  • Waterproof: Water resistant
  • Run Time (by lumen setting): Indeterminable, as AAA batteries of varying quality will produce varying run times
Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Bicycle Speaker Zealot S1...
  • BEST OUTDOOR SPEAKERS: Mounting S1 on your bike’s handle-bar, keeping Bluetooth connected, music playback and hands...
  • STUNNING & STRONG SOUND:Built-in 40mm large driver, Neodymium stereo amplifier presents you live experience in talking...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: 4000mAh rechargeable battery provides a long time usage (up to 24 hours by TF card play) and turns it...

In many states, wearing headphones while bicycling is strictly prohibited. To accommodate these regulations, bikers who enjoy their tunes while cycling have opted to use Bluetooth speakers. The trouble is, most Bluetooth speakers don’t attach easily to your bicycle.

The KMASHI Bike Light has solved this problem by engineering a Bluetooth speaker into their headlight. It connects easily to your smartphone via Bluetooth to safely and legally play your jams as you peddle. It also supports hands-free phone calling with some smartphones.


With 3 light settings, the KMASHI delivers up to 32 hours of power per charge. It also connects to a USB port. When not in use as a light, it doubles as a 4,800mAh portable charger. That lets you recharge your phone if it dies on the road. The KMASHI is a bit bulkier than most bicycle lights, but considering the price and the other features it provides, it may be worth the extra size on your handlebars. A full battery recharge takes eight hours.


  • Configuration: Single Beam
  • Output: UNK
  • Modes: three
  • Dimensions: 2.4 by 5.6 by 2.4 inches
  • Weight : .74 pounds
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion batteries (not included)
  • Waterproof: Water resistant
  • Run Time (by lumen setting) : High = 16 hours / Normal = 32 hours / SOS = 24 hours
Te-Rich Rechargeable Bike Lights Front and Back - Ultra Bright Bicycle...
  • DO YOU WANT TO SEE OR BE SEEN? OR BOTH? - No matter for well-lit urban cycing, road riding or serious mountain biking,...
  • ARE BOTH THE HEADLIGHT AND TAILLIGHT RECHARGEABLE? - YES! No more costs on batteries! The Te-Rich Front Bike Light comes...
  • ARE THOSE LIGHTS EASY TO MOUNT & REMOVE? - Absolutely YES! The Quick Release Mouting System allows you attach the Front...

The Te-Rich Super Bright lights up the night with four Cree XM-L2 LEDs. They’re arranged to broadcast illumination in a wide pattern that shows you the path ahead. For a relatively modest price, you get one of the brightest bicycle lights on the market.

The Te-Rich serves triple duty. Not only is it a super bright bicycle light, but it also attaches to the included headband to become a super bright head-mount light. Attach it to a helmet mount to complete the trifecta.


Despite the rock-bottom price, the Te-Rich, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, stays waterproof and shockproof. Te-Rich engineered the output electronics of this unit so that the light does not slowly dim until it gradually dies. It stays bright and fully lit until the battery dies.

The Te-Rich Super Bright also features overheat protection that will switch it to a lower intensity if it overheats. It does this rather than shutting down completely, like most lights, until it cools down. You can mount the external battery pack anywhere on your bike with its Velcro straps.


  • Configuration: four Cree XM-L2 LEDs
  • Output : 1200 lumens
  • Modes: three
  • Dimensions: 1.6 by 1.4 by 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Power Source: Included external battery pack
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Run Time (by lumen setting) : 1200 lumens = 4 hours / 800 lumens = 8 hours / 400 lumens = 12.8 hours

Powering Down


It's essential to have a reliable bicycle light to be safe. Whether you're dodging traffic in the city, biking for fun with friends in the suburbs, or riding back to the ranch in the county, you need to see. Sometimes you lose track of time, and the dark can creep up on you. You need to prepare, and you'll find many models available.

On this list, we offered our selections for some of the brightest, most versatile, best for the money, and the most popular lights on the market. Hopefully, it has given you something to consider when you start your search. If you choose a bicycle light on this list, please let us know which one. If not, please let us know which one you did pick and your reasons. We will include your valuable information for future lists of the best bicycle light. Ride safely!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Review

Mizuno Wave Shoes

Finding the right running shoe for your specific foot is an important, yet sometimes challenging task. Unlike other types of shoes, running shoes should not be purchased on looks alone. Running shoes are intricately designed to fit certain types of feet, correct specific form and gate issues, and support the type of running that the wearer typically does. In this article, we will be taking a hard look at stability running shoes, which are a highly supportive variety. Our research focused on one popular stability running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13, and several competitive styles in this category.
Stability running shoes are the most supportive type of running shoe. They are typically heavier than other athletic shoes, but the extra weight allows them to ease or help correct various foot conditions and gait issues that runners may face, including flat feet and overpronation. These issues can cause foot pain as well as damage to other joints and areas of the body if the proper shoe is not worn. Stability shoes have helped address such problems for many runners. 

Because stability shoes help to prevent many forms of pain and injury, finding a good pair is extremely important. In this article, we will carefully evaluate the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 as well as three of its top competitors. We will review these shoes based on price, ease of use, comfort and breathability, design quality, protection, and pros and cons. We will then come to a conclusion on the best stability running shoe available on today's market.

What Are Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Shoes?

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is a stability running shoe designed with Mizuno's Wave technology. Mizuno's Wave line is said to be based on the product developer's vision and impressions of how a wave in the ocean behaves. This design gathers energy from the impact of the runner's step and then evenly spread it throughout the shoe. The Mizuno Wave system is intended to give each shoe a long life of rigorous use while providing maximum cushioning for the runner.
This wave system also allows the shoe to be adaptive with every step the runner takes. This is extremely important for runners who need stability shoes because it can help support healthy running form and prevent injuries. We noticed right away that the Mizuno Wave 13 is heavier than other types of running shoes because of its classification as a stability shoe and need for extra built-in support. The shoe has a heavy-duty heel and a lightweight midsole, making its take-offs feel extremely light and powerful. 
The heavy-duty design of this shoe does mean it takes a while longer than a lighter shoe to break in. It also, however, adds greatly to the shoe's durability and resistance to wear. The upper part of the shoe is made with Mizuno's AIRmesh, which helps make the shoe comfortable and breathable. The top of the shoe also allows for a secure fit for many different foot shapes because of its use of the Mizuno Dyna-motion fit system. This allows the top of the shoe and the laces to fit snugly on top of the runner's foot.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 shoe

Product Specs  

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 has many great features we look for in a stability running shoe. From its Wave technology allowing for adaptivity to a runner's every step to its durable, long-lasting build, this shoe is skillfully designed and built to be tough. This shoe has a wide, comfortable toe box and a soft, padded tongue. It provides a large amount of cushioning all around your foot. These features make the shoe as comfortable as possible for those on long, hard runs.

Orange Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 shoes

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     

Blue Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 shoes
Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe
  • Double Fan Wave for maximum support without the added weight or stiffness
  • U4icX heel wedge for more cushioning at landing
  • Top midsole incorporates new U4ic compound for a more responsive and durable ride
  • COMFORT & Breathability 

4.0 of 5 stars

This shoe is comfortable and has great benefits for anyone who requires a stability shoe. It has, however, been consistently reviewed as a shoe that takes longer than normal to break in. This takes away slightly from its ease of use in our view.


  • Made with Wave technology
  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable


  • Takes longer to break in than lighter running shoes
  • Some consider the look of these shoes to be outdated
Brooks Men's Ravenna 8
  • High Quality Men's Running Shoe: Synthetic and mesh material - helps your feet "breathe" while you run!
  • Comfort & Functionality: Preferred shoes by runners because these keep you going mile after mile!
  • Long Line of Everyone's Favorite Running Shoe: 8th Generation Ravenna! Predecessor is Ravenna 7

The Brooks Ravenna 8 is another popular style of men's stability running shoe. This shoe is a lighter-weight option that still provides the support and cushioning that a stability running shoe needs to have. We appreciate that it is a non-bulky stability shoe option and has breathable upper mesh. Most reviewers consider this a durable, long-lasting running shoe option, based on their experiences.

  • COMFORT & Breathability 

5.0 of 5 stars

The Ravenna 8 is an easy-to-wear stability running shoe. It has been consistently reviewed as fitting well right out of the box, meaning it does not take much effort or time to complete the process of breaking these shoes in. 


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Lightweight compared to other stability running shoe options
  • Breathable mesh top


  • Expensive
  • May allow heel slippage
Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe, Black/Gold, 10 D US
  • Proven Cloudwave Platform for smooth and responsive ride
  • U4ic midsole with soft heel center
  • Engineered Stretch Mesh for adaptive Fit in Motion

The Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 is another stability shoe option from Mizuno's Wave technology line. It is said to be softer and more cushioned than the Wave shoes designed and introduced before this style. Wave Rider 22 shoes feature the company's Wave technology-infused midsole, which is smooth and responsive. It is also a durable and breathable shoe. It is much more expensive than the Inspire 13 shoe style featured above, however.

  • COMFORT & Breathability 

5.0 of 5 stars

This shoe is extremely easy to break in and wear comfortably.


  • Extra cushioning and comfort
  • Excellent protection
  • Mizuno Wave technology absorbs and distributes impacts while running


  • Expensive for the category
ASICS Men's GT-2000 4 Running Shoe
  • Running shoe with breathable mesh and synthetic upper featuring Heel Clutching System with exoskeletal heel counter for...
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system

The ASICS GT-2000 is another strong competitor in the field of stability running shoes. It is built with the ASICS gel cushioning system, which provides not only added comfort but also shock absorption with every step. It is also built with mid-foot stability mechanics, which keep feet rolling forward with good alignment instead of inward. This is a feature that helps many runners improve and refine their form. 

This shoe has been consistently reviewed as being strong, durable, and long-lasting, but some wearers report that this shoe design limited the flexibility of their feet, caused heel blisters, and/or provided a narrow, uncomfortable toe box for them.

  • COMFORT & Breathability 

5.0 of 5 stars

This shoe is easy to wear, and its required break-in time is brief.


  • ASICS gel cushioning system
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Mid-foot stability mechanics


  • Cause heel blisters for some wearers
  • Doesn't support great foot flexibility
  • Narrow, uncomfortable toe box for some


Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

After conducting our research and reviews, it is clear that finding the correct stability running shoe is a complex task. After sorting through all the information we gathered, we believe that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is the best option for a stability running shoe available today.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is an affordable stability shoe option with all the features that such a running shoe requires. It provides extra cushioning and uses the Wave technology system to absorb shocks with every step. It is long-lasting and durable, as well as breathable and comfortable. We feel comfortable ranking Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 our maximum 5 out of 5 stars for overall value. If you're in need of a stable, supportive shoe for exercise, these shoes can be an excellent choice.