Any runners out there looking for a versatile shoe? If you raised your hand, you want to give a shot to the Brooks Pureflow 7. We get it -- it can be costly owning separate shoes for different related needs, and that’s where the Brooks Pureflow 7 comes in. From running to walking and standing, this footwear couldn't be handier. Call it a 3-in-1 if you like, because it’s just what it really is.

About Brooks

Boasting over a whopping 100 years since its inception, the Brooks brand now manufactures running footwear. It doesn’t do any other shoes, not even climbing shoes. It's different from other companies that want to experiment with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. The Seattle company's uniqueness helped it climb the ranks to become one of the leaders in the running-footwear field. It has maintained the top position for a considerable period, but Brooks Sports, Inc. has the nuts and bolts to stay atop without wobbling, even amidst the wind and storms. The company survived a major bankruptcy that almost swallowed it alive, but over the years, it managed to outshine the bigger names in the industry.

Brooks Pureflow 7: What Makes it Tick?

Brooks Mens PureFlow 7 - Grey/Grey/Black - D - 11.0

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Now, let’s talk business. If you’re familiar with the Pureflow line, you probably already know it endeavors to boost a natural running experience. The Pureflow tends to mimic the foot’s shape – the runner will feel an almost-precise connection with the ground during the action. And the Pureflow’s seventh iteration – Brooks Pureflow 7 – only revolves along that line, albeit with some improvements.

So let’s see what really makes this Brooks Pureflow 7 tick!


The footwear boasts a stretchy upper. This only means that the material expands and contracts accordingly with each movement of the foot. That’s comfortable, right? The shoe is also pretty breathable. Your feet are sure to get the required aeration during the action. And the collar comes with considerable padding, so you don’t have to feel that nasty irritation on your ankles.

The Brooks Pureflow 7 goes on to spell comfort by featuring a pretty mushy inner bootie. In case you’re wondering what that’s for, it’s for a comfortable sockless run. You can run without socks while feeling more comfortable than ever and for as long as you’re wearing this footwear. And yes, you can shelve budgeting for those socks you’ve been craving for. But the icing on the sugar is this bootie thing spreads well up to the ankle bone area. That gives a soft feel on your foot.


Another area the Brooks Pureflow 7 scores well is the fit. The tongue boasts substantial cushioning, which is key for a lockdown fit in the midfoot area — when combined with the laces. The inner bootie has a role to play here as well, and it makes the fit snug.


Flexibility is essential for a seamless running experience, and this shoe is no bummer. The outsole is made of blown rubber, which is known for its spongy nature; hence, flexibility. The grooves on the sides of this outer platform only help enhance this flexibility. Which is the very reason the Brooks Pureflow 7 adapts to the natural foot movement during the action.


The Brooks Pureflow 7 is light enough for a faster run. The upper is made of a superlight material, which makes for the lightweight build. Also, the footwear is free from overlays, unlike its predecessors, helping subtract from the shoe’s weight. And those grooves on the sole aren’t just for flexibility alone. They actively replace a sizable chunk of weight, adding to the overall lightweight nature of the shoe.

How About the Durability?

The Brooks Pureflow 7 scores poorly when it comes to durability, unfortunately. The outsole is made of blown rubber, material that is known to wear and tear after only a couple of uses. It looks like Brooks traded durability for flexibility in its endeavor to present a flexible shoe.

Brooks Pureflow 7 Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to every coin, and the Brooks Pureflow 7 is no exception. It has its plusses and drawbacks alike. Let’s take a peek:


The following benefits are reported of Brooks Pureflow 7:

  • Bouncy cushioning
  • Cool design
  • Versatile
  • Supple upper
  • Skin-friendly tongue
  • Superior material
  • Light build


The following caveats of Brooks Pureflow 7:

  • Wonky feet due to roomy foot compartment
  • Tiny toe-box, which can be unfriendly on the skin
  • The collar isn’t that ankle-friendly
  • A comparatively longer break-in period
  • Inflexible midsole limits normal foot movement
  • Pain in the midfoot area after a few minutes of usage – probably because of the inflexible midsole
  • Pebbles can find their way into the foot compartment via the collar
  • Not that durable

How Brooks Pureflow 7 Compares to the Competition

While the Brooks Pureflow 7 has some cool features, it might not be for everyone. Runners are different and have different tastes and preferences. That’s why we’ve listed some alternatives that can help you make an informed buying decision. This next list is no particular order.

Adidas Cosmic 2 Sl

adidas mens Cosmic 2 Running Shoe, Black/Black/Grey Five, 14 US

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Versatile, Adidas Cosmic 2 Sl could be an alternative to the Brooks Pureflow 7. The upper is stretchy for a snug fit, which is vital for any runner looking for comfort. The midsole boasts cloudfoam padding that acts as a shock absorber, giving the much-deserved relaxation during the action. The fitcounter makes for free movement of the heel, and the sockliner is clearly a bonus.

Jordan Grind

Nike Air Jordan Grind Mens Running Trainers Aa4302 Sneakers Shoes (US...

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Another neutral road runner, Jordan grind doesn’t disappoint when it comes to giving a snug fit – thanks to the well-padded collar and tongue. The upper boasts a lightweight mesh that further allows for breathability. And you get excellent shock absorption as well as a pretty responsive midsole – but that midsole foam is no mediocre.

Saucony Freedom ISO 2

Saucony Men's Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe, Black, 8.5 M US

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Yet another handy alternative to the Brooks Pureflow 7, Saucony Freedom ISO 2 is no bummer when it comes to versatility. From workouts to hangouts and walks to runs, the shoe works just fine. You get decent cushioning in the midsole, too, for that bouncy feel. The lugs are sure to offer good traction, and the outsole is well-guarded against wearing away. The upper material is light enough. And, to enhance comfort as well as a cozy fit, the tongue is padded, as is the collar.

Brooks Neuro 3

Brooks Women's Running Shoes, Multicolour Lagoon Black Purple 329, 9.5...

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With Brooks Neuro 3, the midsole features a sockliner that’s segmented. That’s for cushioning purposes. You get seamless transitions, too, thanks to the outsole’s components that move freely during the action. The ends of the outsole also help combat abrasion for a smooth ride.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v3

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Boracay V3 Running Shoe, Black/White, 7...

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With this neutral footwear, you get an easy landing thanks to the blown-rubber outsole, which also gives steady traction. The shoe boasts a low drop so you can feel the ground during your runs. The sock liner makes for added padding, and the overlays help lock down the fit. And you also have the freedom to remove the insole should you choose to.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v3 has been lauded by most users based on a few things. For instance, the toe-box allows for free movement of the toes without restriction. The shoe is considerably lighter, too, with decent, bouncy cushioning. As if it’s not enough, the build is attractive, as are the colorways. And the footwear is long-lasting.

Our Verdict

So, does the Brooks Pureflow 7 really measure up to the hype? Certainly! This footwear couldn’t be more versatile. It is sure to rock it when it comes to tackling several uses, in addition to your usual road runs. Once you have it, there’s no need to buy additional shoes for your trainings, strolls, and hangouts.

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