Any climber who wants to enhance their climbing experience will invest in quality climbing shoes. Evolv climbing shoes are available for beginner, novice, and advanced climbers alike. You don't want to run the risk of scaling a problematic cliff only to lose grip at the pinnacle. Nor do you want to have to sit out on a climb because you don't have the appropriate shoes. If you've ever had issues on rugged terrain or sandy peaks, you know that you need proper climbing shoes. Don't limit yourself from tackling more significant challenges as a climber. The right climbing shoes will significantly enhance your experiences, and allow you to take on more exciting climbing challenges.

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How to Choose Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes come in many shapes, forms, and profile varieties. Depending on the climber's skill level, the Evolv climbing shoes chosen will differ for each. These are a few of the factors climbers should consider when deciding which climbing shoes are appropriate for them.

A flat profile allows the climber's feet to rest in a natural position. These shoes typically feature a medium midsole, providing climbers proper fitting shoes for edging and general climbing performance. For those who will engage in crack climbing, flat shoes are best. They keep the feet on level ground and minimize toe-jamming.

The second option is the cambered-last profile. This style is for a slightly higher performance climber. It allows climbers to transmit higher power on small footholds. These shoes are for face terrains, overhanging terrain, and steep crack climbing. The shoes will fit a little snug on the feet.

The hooked-toe design is for the most experienced climbers. When climbing sustained overhanging terrain, these shoes are a great option. The downturned profile and beak-like toe are perfect for climbing the tightest footholes. The hooked position gives climbers the most significant force and allows them to exert more force when climbing tight corners.

Climbing Shoes vs. athletic shoes

The main difference in climbing and athletic shoes (or sneakers) is the profile. As detailed above, climbing shoes feature distinct profiles and curvatures, which help enhance the climbing experience. They provide climbers with greater grip, force, and traction. Athletic shoes feature a thin outsole, and most pairs are incredibly flat. This design limits the climber's ability to dig into footholds or maintain balance on certain terrains.


Once climbers have chosen the profile, they must select the appropriate closure-type. There are three varieties of climbing shoe closures as well. The lace-up option is ideal for climbers who want high levels of customization for tightening the Evolv climbing shoes. For easier climbs, climbers can loosen the laces to release pressure on the feet. On challenging climbs, they can tighten the shoes for a snug fit, and enhance climbing performance.

The slip-on is a second variety for climbers to consider when choosing climbing shoes. These aren't the best option for tightening the climbing shoes. The soles on these shoes are typically less stiff than the other closure varieties. Therefore, climbers work harder to compensate for that.

The hook/Velcro closure system is a final option available to climbers. This closure system also allows climbers to tighten/loosen the shoes quickly. They are suitable for bouldering or indoor climbing.

Outsoles Materials for Climbing Shoes

Nearly every pair of climbing shoes features a proprietary rubber outsole finish. Each manufacturer also utilizes its process to design climbing shoe outsoles. However, each climbing shoe, regardless of manufacturer, features one of two thickness levels climbers can select. Thinner outsoles are ideal for novice to advanced climbers, while a thicker outsole is ideal for beginners.

Thin outsole

Thinner outsoles typically measure between 3-4mm in thickness. For slab and smearing routes these outsoles are the best available. The thinner outsole gives climbers the ability to have a greater "feel" of the surfaces they're climbing. They also, however, minimize grip, meaning beginners might not fare well with these shoes.

Thick outsole

Thicker outsoles range between 4-5.5mm in thickness levels. The shoes are also durable and provide high levels of support for edging. They don't afford climbers the same sensitivity levels on surfaces as thinner outsoles. This outsole will last longer. They are ideal for those who are learning how to climb on new surfaces and need little additional traction.

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoes Available

There are several great pairs of Evolv climbing shoes. Shoes for climbers who are just beginning and for advanced climbers are available. These are some of the best options available for climbers looking for Evolv climbing shoes today.

Evolv Skyhawk

Evolv Skyhawk Climbing Shoe - Women's White/Blue 9.5
  • Improved fit
  • New high quality material
  • Treated with a new mesh material to eliminate odor

This climbing shoe features a flat profile, making them perfect for beginner and novice climbers. The anti-microbial mesh lining eliminates odor and creates a more sanitary climbing shoe. The upper, synthetic material finish is durable, soft, and ensures a comfortable fit.

Evolv Men's Defy

Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe - Black/Sulphur 14
  • A major upgrade to Evolv's all time best selling shoe
  • Improved fit
  • New upper material, Synthratek VX, for a soft feel and secure fit

The climbing shoe features a synthetic sole and asymmetrical profile. The flat profile is excellent for beginners who are learning to grip and climb on varying terrains. The bottom is 4.2mm in thickness, made of high friction rubber. It gives climbers high levels of traction and grip, on all climbing surfaces.

Evolv Elektra

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe - Women's Teal, 6.5
  • Claimed Weight: [single, 7] 6.6 oz
  • Midsole: 1mm MX-P
  • Lining: nylon

The Evolv climbing shoes feature a high-quality, exterior synthetic material finish. The semi-flat profile is excellent for beginners transitioning to the next phase in their climbing experience. The anti-microbial mesh treatment helps eliminate odor and keep feet cool in warm conditions.

Evolv Men's Royale

Evolv Men's Royale Climbing Shoe,Royal Blue,5 M US
  • 2.5mm full length midsole
  • Double layer of rubber at toe for increased durability
  • Structural webbing on leather upper maintains fit

The upper-suede finish is durable and withstands outdoor conditions well. The Velcro closure system makes it easy to slip the climbing shoes on and off and adjust tightness easily. The TRAX rubber outsole has exceptional friction/traction, keeping climbers stable on rugged terrain.

Evolv Kira

Women's Kira Climbing Shoe - 8.5 - TURQUOISE
  • Anatomically engineered parts and design
  • Single buckle plus cinch-pull strap closure
  • Customizable fit

The lace-up shoes are perfect for beginner and novice climbers alike. They feature a synthetic suede upper, and mesh liner, increasing breathability in warm weather. The shoes also feature a back pull up tab design, making it easier for climbers to put the shoes on.

Evolv Axiom

These shoes feature an extremely aggressive downturn profile position. This profile is perfect for advanced climbers who need to grip into tight edges. It is also ideal for climbers in need of additional power when springing on higher hills or surfaces.

The shoe features an additional toe rubber for improvements in toe hooking. It gives climbers greater traction and force when mobilizing on steep terrain. The lace-up closure system also enhances tightness levels when needed on challenging climbs.

Evolv Shaman

evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe,Orange/Blue,4.5 M US
  • Evolv Sports

These Evolv climbing shoes are ideal for novice to advanced climbers. They feature a Velcro closure finish and 4.2 mm outsole. The VTR rand provides a thicker toe-bed, allowing climbers to mobilize their feet/toes easily in the climbing shoes.

Evolv Oracle

No products found.

The quick-lace closure system allows climbers to adjust or tighten the shoes as necessary easily. The FSS heel tension system provides climbers unparalleled support, on all terrains. The anti-microbial lining also helps eliminate odor and increase breathability.

Evolv Nikita

The 100 percent leather exterior is durable and built to withstand difficult climbing trails. Also, the shoes feature a lace-up closure allowing experienced climbers to tighten/loosen quickly, depending on the trail intensity.

The shoe features a 3D midsole and full-length arch support. The cushy tongue design also provides added layers of comfort when wearing the shoes with or without socks. 

Evolv Kronos

Evolv Kronos Climbing Shoe - Men's Black/Olive 10.5
  • Profile: Asymmetrical
  • Sole: 4.2 mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Rand: VTR rand (thicker at toe)

The synthetic upper finish is durable and has a mesh liner to help eliminate odor. This feature also increases breathability to keep climbers cool. The Velcro closure allows for quick tightness adjustments, and an elastic tongue reduces bulk.

The three-strap hook closure system allows for even tightening throughout. The slightly-cambered last is perfect for small edges and thin cracks on climbing trails. 

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoe for Beginner and Advanced Climbers

There are several great pairs of Evolv climbing shoes for beginners and advanced climbers. The primary complaint with Evolv climbing shoes is the issue of small sizing. With this being said, they offer a great series of shoes for beginners and advanced climbers.

For beginners, our pick is the Evolv Nighthawk Climbing shoe. Also, the shoes feature a rugged outsole, and high levels of stickiness to grip slippery terrains. Additionally, the lace-up closure system allows for ease in adjusting tightness levels when necessary. The quality synthetic finish and mesh liner, also helps increase breathability and comfort levels.

The best climbing shoe for advanced climbers is the Evolv Luchador SC. They feature a quality exterior synthetic design. Also, the shoe has Velcro closure throughout three points, for increasing overall comfort/tightness when necessary. Because of the semi-cambered design, climbers can easily scale difficult mountains and thin corners.

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