Hiking boots come in many varieties. Merrell hiking boots have been an industry leader for beginners, amateurs, and advanced hikers alike for years. Hikers need stability when walking through unfamiliar terrains. Hiking boots should provide traction, precision, and help hikers through the most challenging treks and uphill battles they face.

Of course, hikers want a pair of boots which are comfortable and allow their feet to breath during their hike. With the latest technologies, you don't have to compromise between quality and comfort when purchasing Merrell hiking boots.

About Merrell

Founded in 1981, Merrell has become synonymous with quality outdoor gear. From Merrell hiking boots to sneakers and outdoor clothing, the company carries quality sporting goods for outdoor enthusiasts. The company sells hiking gear, trail running, and casual outdoor clothing and accessories. Whether hikers are beginners or advanced, they'll find a vast selection of boots and supplies, for upcoming hiking trips. Since 1997, the Merrell brand is a part of the Wolverine Worldwide Brand.

Hiking Boot Styles

Because every hiker is looking for something different when purchasing hiking boots, it's important to understand the different styles. Depending on the type of hiking trails and a hiker's experience, the type of boots they'll wear significantly vary. When choosing a pair of hiking boots, these are some categories to compare.


These Merrell hiking boots are intended for various hiking trails, including on or off-trail hikes. The stiff sole and durable finish makes these perfect for multi-day hiking trips. A sturdy base helps hikers fight through any challenging terrain.

Light Hiking Boots

These boots are also known as hiking shoes. They're similar to running shoes in weight and design; only they're a little more rugged around the edges. They are light and can grip wet or muddy terrains. These boots are perfect for shorter day hikes.


Snowy paths, rocky terrains, or difficult off-road conditions are best, met head-on with a pair of mountaineering boots. The boots are heavy and can withstand the harshest terrain on any hiking trail.

Boot Cut

Depending on the types of hiking trails, and comfort levels, the boot's height, and cut will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In some cases, higher cut boots will help protect the ankles from injuries and sprains. However, hikers also have to consider comfort, heat, and overall fit when deciding which cut to choose.

Low Cut

Low-cut Merrell hiking boots are similar to running shoes. They are lightweight and comfortable for hikers to mobilize their feet. They do, however, pose the danger of spraining an ankle or other foot injuries on strenuous hikes. Because they don't provide ankle support, they aren't accessible for long hiking treks.


A mid-cut boot provides more traction below the feet. They also offer a better protective barrier around the ankles. These boots help keep debris, small rocks, and dirt out of the shoes than a low-cut boot does.

High Cut

For support, stability, and balance, the high-cut boot is the best option. Hiking off-trail, or on longer hiking trails, many hikers require balance. These boots provide that traction, while completely covering the ankles. This feature prevents rolling or sprains, helping minimize injuries on hiking trails.

Best Material​s for Your New Merrell Hiking Boots

When choosing Merrell hiking boots, high-end material finishes are essential. Hikers need to select boots which are built to last while providing a high level of comfort and breathability.

Nylon and polyester are everyday choices manufacturers use when designing synthetic hiking boots. They dry fast, are water-resistant, and break-in easily. These materials are also breathable, so hiker's feet won't get overly heated in warmer conditions.

When choosing between leather boots, hikers have the option of split and full-grain leather. The split-grain variety is a blend of leather and a synthetic finish. These boots aren't as durable as full-leather grain. Nor are they as waterproof as full-grain leather boots. With full-grain leather, the shoes are durable and waterproof. They aren't as breathable as other boots. Additionally, they're warmer and more cumbersome than other hiking shoes. They can slow hikers down in comparison to lighter material finishes.

Proper Sizing for Your New Merrell Hiking Boots

Hikers shouldn't hold themselves back because a boot is overly constricting movement or is exceptionally loose on their feet. It is essential to try on the hiking boots for proper size. Hikers should try them on with the specific socks they'll wear when hiking. And, hikers aren't to assume their hiking boots will be the same size as sneakers. The only way to find the proper fit is to try out several pairs. Doing this allows hikers to find the most comfortable fit and boots which will enable them to the most mobility when hiking.

Wearing Your New Boots in Before Hiking

Hikers should break in a new pair of Merrell hiking boots should be before going out walking with them. It is best to wear them around the house or running essential errands a few days before going hiking. Doing this ensures the proper fit and comfort levels. Doing this also allows hikers to find the most comfortable boots for all-day wear. And, it will make it easier for them to wear the new boots on longer hiking trails.

Merrell Men's J87313, Beluga, 12 M US

With a leather and mesh material finish these boots are highly breathable keeping hiker's feet dry and comfortable. The Vibram sole and Gore-Tex waterproof material ensure the highest levels of comfort for hikers on longer day hikes. The Bellows tongue design helps keep debris out of the hiker's boots as well.

The boots feature M-Select lining. This design feature helps reduce odors, and the shock absorbent heel helps minimize the impact on landing. The shoes are available in and standard wide-width varieties. The best fit is possible, regardless of a hiker's foot profile. 

Merrell Men's, Yokota Ascender Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots Chestnut...

The leather exterior makes these boots extremely durable in all-weather hiking conditions. The exterior design, along with the Gore-Tex waterproof finish, keeps hikers' feet dry in snowy or wet conditions. A 2-inch heel also helps improve mobility and arch during longer hiking trails.

The boots feature an adjustable tongue, helping keep out rocks and debris and increase hiking comfort levels. The high-cut design also helps prevent ankle rolling or sprains on longer hiking trails. A speed-lace design also ensures laces remain tied so that boots won't shift or loosen during hikes. 

Merrell Men's Accentor Mid Vent Waterproof Hiking Boot, Boulder/Orange...

The fabric exterior is highly breathable, and the rubber sole is durable on any hiking trail. The shoes feature a Kinetic Fit insole providing additional cushioning below the hiker's feet. Air cushions in the heel help minimize shock when hikers land from higher ground or terrain.

The boots are lightweight and breathable. Mesh lining throughout allows the feet to breathe, and the fabric material dries quickly on the boot's exterior surfaces. 

Merrell Men's, Ridgepass Mid GTX Hiking Boots Gray 12 M

The mesh finishes throughout the boot's exterior increases breathability. It helps keep hikers' feet cool, even on the hotter summer hiking days. A mid-cut design also prevents rolling or spraining the ankles. The rubber sole provides a solid grip on rough, muddy, or rugged terrains.

The Gore-Tex technology ensures the hiker's feet remain dry, even if the boots get wet. Fabric lacing is antimicrobial and keeps the boots secure on the feet at all times. Built-in odor control also helps preserve the shoes, no matter what conditions the hiker wears them in.

Merrell Men's, Yokota Ascender Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots Chestnut...

These boots feature a fabric exterior finish and breathable mesh design. The materials will keep hiker's feet cool and dry, regardless of how hot it gets on the hiking trails. The boots also feature a built-in odor control system, to help preserve the boots for as long as hikers own them.

Hikers appreciate the overall design of the boots. They are lightweight, simple to break in, and are perfect for most hiking trails. They are great for day hikes or multi-day hikes, as they feature a mid-cut design. The cut helps keep the hiker's ankles in place to prevent rolling or injuries when encountering difficult hiking trails.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10 M US

The waterproof hiking boot is available in multiple colors and features a suede and synthetic mesh exterior finish. The Vibram TC5 outsole is well-made and provides hikers stability and traction on the toughest hiking trails or wet conditions.

The heels have shock absorbing technologies. This design feature helps minimizes the impact on the knees, feet, and ankles for hikers. It will help reduce injuries on hiking trails while stabilizing a hiker's frame during hikes. The breathable exterior also keeps hikers' feet cool, in warm-weather conditions. 

Merrell Men's Annex Trak Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Clay, 12 M US

These waterproof boots feature a 5-inch shaft from the arch to the front of the foot. The Vibram sole increases mobility and comfort on long hiking trails. Total weight of 2.6 pounds makes the boots reasonably light, allowing hikers to move freely on longer paths as well.

The nubuck exterior and mesh lining throughout helps increase the breathability of these boots. Hikers' feet remain cool, and their feet stay dry, no matter what the trail presents. 

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Black, 10 M...

The construction of the hiking boots is leather and mesh-exterior finish. The quality construction not only preserves the boots but also helps keep hikers' feet dry. A Vibram TC5 sole helps minimize the impact on landing, through the shock absorption feature built-in.

The boots have an interior air cushion system to reduce the impact on hiker's feet on longer trail-hikes. The EVA-rubber heel also helps minimize the impact on landing. The hiker's feet remain in place, and the high-cut design helps reduce injuries on longer hikes. 

Where to Purchase Merrell Hiking Boots

These Merrell hiking boots are available through the Merrell website. They are also available on Amazon

Our Verdict: The Best Merrell Boots

Merrell hiking boots are an excellent option for hikers of any skill levels. For the budget-conscious shopper, the Merrell Ridgepass is a great option. The boots are lightweight; the textile mesh exterior also helps keep feet dry and fresh in all hiking conditions. The high-cut design and odor-fighting technology also help preserve the boots for years to come.

For hikers who want the best quality, regardless of price, the Moab Two hiking boots are an excellent choice. The boots feature shock absorption soles to help minimize the impact on landing. A high-cut design helps prevent sprains and ankle injuries. The waterproof exterior helps keep hiker's feet dry in all hiking conditions. The Vibram TC5 outsole is also extremely durable so that it can withstand any hiking terrain or rugged trail hikers encounter during a hiking trip.

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