The puff jacket has gotten a bad rap over the years. It's bulky, you can't move quickly, and it just doesn't look great on most people. But, they're warm, right? In recent years, companies like Patagonia have introduced new products. Jackets like the Nano Puff Jacket brings an entirely new design, form, and fit, to those dated, bulky puffer jackets of the past. The coat features comfortable padding, warmth, and more than 10 colors are available.

Who would've thought those Goodyear-Tire jackets of the past would be so stylish, today?

About Patagonia

Since 1973 Patagonia has been a leader in outerwear. From winter jackets and gloves to ski goggles, the company is a leader in winter-weather gear. They also specialize in sports gear for the summer season. With an extensive line of surfing, fly-fishing, and paddling gear, outdoor enthusiasts rely on them, for all season wear. Using the best materials, production, technologies, Patagonia has become a recognizable brand for sports gear. The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is just one of the many products in their line of winter season gear.

Nano Puff Jacket Performance

Reliable performance is essential when it comes to winter weather gear. Jackets, gloves, boots, and outdoor accessories must be durable and keep wearers warm. The Nano Puff Jacket meets and exceeds purchasers' expectations, in quality, warmth, and overall wearability.


The jacket, with its hood, weighs in at 12.8 ounces. The combination of PrimaLoft insulation and synthetic materials helps keep the overall weight down. Skiers, hikers, and outdoor adventurists will find it extremely easy to move freely in the jacket. It's the perfect blend of comfort, warmth, and padding, to combat chilly temperatures.


The Nano Puff Jacket folds down to size, to fit into the chest-pocket area for storage. It features a full-zip closure, allowing owners to pack it away in their luggage or closet. It takes up virtually no space at all in a closet or drawers. Owners can further compress it down, by squeezing it down, to attach to a backpack or luggage for ultimate transportability.


Breathability isn't the Nano Puff Jacket's most exceptional feature. Unlike the Nano-Air by Patagonia, it features thicker insulation. The solid liner and face fabric of the Puff does a great job at shielding wind. With this said, it isn't as breathable as other jackets in the Patagonia family. It isn't overly warm or bulky, but the profile is a little thicker than other coats.


High levels of wind protection are desirable in a puffer-style jacket. Additionally, the ability to shield rain and snowy from penetrating, are a few features purchasers look for in a coat. The Nano Puff Jacket does a decent job at shielding water penetration. The synthetic material doesn't get clumpy or weigh wearers down when it does get wet. So, even though some water may penetrate, the jacket won't bulk up as goose-down jackets do.

For the highest levels of protection, an additional rain shell would suffice when wearing the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket.

Nano Puff Jacket Features

When choosing winter gear, outdoor enthusiasts look for jackets which provide several features for comfort in all conditions. The Nano Puff Jacket offers a decent share of features which set it apart from competitors in its field.


The jacket is available in a standard and hooded-style. The hooded-jacket comes with a removable interior vest. The hood is a nice feature for those who want to wear the jacket as an outer layer. If buyers are looking for a light, under layer, the non-hooded coat is a good option.

The hood on the Nano Puff Jacket is a scuba style hood. The hood design does a great job of shielding water from penetrating into the jacket from above. It also keeps the coat close to the face and body, helping keep wearers warmer.


The jacket features two reasonably large warmer pockets on either side of the jacket's body. It also features an interior storage zippered pocket. This pocket is great for keys, a wallet, or smaller items wearers don't want to carry in their hands. The lining of the pockets is warm, soft, and cozy. It is insulated, so it helps to keep wearers hands warm in colder temperatures. It is perfect for windy conditions which might otherwise feel uncomfortable.


The Nano Puff Jacket features a 22 (D) denier recyclable polyester shell exterior fabric. The material choice is in line with similar styles of jackets in the price range. It is lightweight and is relatively durable for daily use for outdoor activities. The jacket is durable enough to prevent snagging or tears. The jacket is suitable for everyday outdoor wear. It might not be the best option for rock or mountain climbing, or other extreme winter sports, however.

Nano Puff Jacket Pros and Cons

When considering the Nano Puff Jacket by Patagonia, it is important to find both good and bad features in the design. Some of the pros of this jacket include:


  • It is the perfect crossover jacket for indoor and outdoor use
  • The jacket is suitable for daily wear more stylish than traditional puffer jackets
  • It is available for men and women, in over 10 color varieties
  • The jacket is available in hooded and non-hooded varieties
  • The lightweight material keeps wearers warm and comfortable, for general outdoor activities


  • The synthetic jacket is not as breathable as others by Patagonia or competitor brands
  • The water protection isn't as good as other jackets
  • It has a temperature range for weather 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, so it isn't suitable for colder winter months.

Levi's Two-Pocket Puffer Jacket

Levi's Men's Two Pocket Puffer Hooded Jacket, Black, Large
  • Short hooded puffer featuring snaps at front placket, chest pocket flaps, and adjustable cuffs
  • Lower welt zipper pockets

It has a 100 percent nylon shell exterior and 100 percent polyester fill. It features snap and front pocket slash pockets, with interior lining to keep hands warm.

One feature wearers appreciate is that the jacket is shorter in style, hitting at the waist. It is light enough for daily wear and features a hood for colder days. The chest pockets also provide additional storage, and adjustable wrist cuffs ensure high levels of comfort. Complaints about this jacket include the fact that it puffs up extensively when wet. The polyester fill isn't as light as other materials. The jacket is also more substantial than other puffer jackets, weighing a little over one pound. 

Columbia Frost Fighter Puffer Jacket

The shell's exterior is 100 percent polyester, and the lining is 100 percent nylon. The full-zip front design allows owners to zip up in colder temperatures, or keep it open when it's warmer. Side zippered hand pockets feature a warm interior lining, for added comfort.

The faux-down insulation is an excellent design feature. It doesn't weigh the jacket down and increases levels of warmth when it's cold out. The jacket is suitable for temperatures as low as the mid to low-20s (Fahrenheit). Many owners complain the jacket is exceptionally puffy which limits mobility. The faux-insulation causes the jacket to puff up, especially if it gets wet. 

                   Eddie Bauer Men's CirrusLite Down Vest

The jacket is available in multiple colors and sizes small to XXLarge. It is suitable for several wearers of varying sizes. The lighter insulation doesn't weigh wearers down. The Omni-Silver dots are a proprietary design feature. These dots help reflect and retain body heat with the jacket. The dependable Columbia name also backs the quality and design of this jacket.

The jacket is lightweight, weighing approximately 13 ounces. It is similar to the Nano Puff jacket in this manner. It wicks moisture, so wearers won't sweat if temperatures increase a bit when wearing the jacket. Many complain the jacket is not true to size. So, it is best to try it on before deciding on the right size. And, when layering, it is even more important to try on different sizes before choosing the appropriate size. Some reviews also state it isn't dependable in colder temperatures as the manufacturer claims.

Halifax Traders Nylon Down Jacket

This jacket is made of 100 percent nylon exterior, so it does not weigh much. It has a full-zip design so that wearers can zip it up entirely in windy conditions. It packs easily into a small storage bag when not worn. Pressing the jacket down, and pressing out the air, allows for simple storage, in tight spaces.

The high-sheen puffer jacket features a quilted design. A standing collar and vertical hand pockets increase the overall aesthetic appearance of the jacket. The pockets have a thin lining, to help increase warmth on colder days as well.

Many owners complain that the jacket is extremely puffy. With new technologies available, this is a drawback of this jacket. The jacket is breathable.

32 Degrees Vislon Down Packable Jacket

This is an excellent puffer jacket to consider. The jacket features 100 percent nylon shell exterior. It is available in three colors in sizes from small to X-Large. It is lightweight, coming in at approximately 14 ounces in weight.

Gerry True Grit Puffer Jacket


Gerry Men's Replay Packable Down Jacket, Black, XX-Large
  • Ultra-packable, it stuffs down easily into its own drawstring pouch
  • Offering water and wind repellency, layer it over a fleece or under a hard shell for more protection
  • Outer zip pockets to hold your stuff away from the elements

This jacket is water-resistant and features a channel quilt design. With adjustable drawcords at the waist, wearers can easily block out wind in chilly weather. A standing collar also increases the aesthetic appearance of this jacket.

The jacket is a little longer than traditional jackets. It hits just below the waistline. Owners like this feature because it makes it perfect for layering in colder weather. The jacket features hook and loop tabs on the cuffs. This feature allows owners to adjust the cuff size, to prevent wind from entering the jacket through the sleeves.

Tommy Hilfiger 2-Pocket Nylon Puffer Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Nylon Two Pocket Hoody Puffer, Black, Small
  • Wind fly on front placket with double closure detail, snap and zipper
  • Rib knit storm cuff inserts
  • Two lower welt snap pockets, two upper chest snap pockets

One of the most recognizable names in fashion backs up the quality and functionality with this excellent puffer jacket. The jacket is available in four colors and sizes from small up to 4-XL (Tall). The availability of sizes allows men, to find the correctly sized jacket for daily wear.

There are two slash pockets on either side of the jacket's body. Additionally, there are two button pockets at the chest for additional storage. An interior zipper pocket offers an extra storage compartment as well. The jacket features a hood with adjustable cords to ensure the highest levels of comfort. It also allows wearers to keep cold from penetrating the jacket, and an additional barrier of water protection.

Our Verdict - Patagonia vs. The Field

The right winter jacket provides many functions. The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is the best option for mild winter weather. The hooded and non-hooded variety, PrimaLoft material, and minimalist design are some great features. The availability of colors, unique design, and backing of a brand-name leader in the industry are some major selling points. The price is also in line with other reputable name-brand manufacturers in the industry.

Some might find the 32 Degrees Vislon jacket to be a great option. Although it's not as warm as others, it is excellent for daily wear as an outer layer. It provides a reasonable level of insulation and padding. 

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