Nothing can ruin a ski day like cold weather. Frigid fingers and toes while skiing is a common issue. That said, the best ski gloves mean cold fingers don't cut your ski day short. There are plenty of ways skiers can keep their hands warm. A simple solution is wearing the appropriate gear when tackling the slopes.

Ski gloves help keep your hands warm while providing a full range of mobility on the slopes. The right gloves will help you avoid frostbite and maintain complete control of your ski poles, no matter how cold it gets. It will also allow skiers to move freely, without having to worry about getting back inside as the temperatures dip.

Comparison Table

Ski Gloves or Mittens?

ski gloves

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The first thing a skier has to decide between is whether they prefer a ski glove or a ski mitten. Mittens are generally warmer than gloves. They're also thicker. The fingers share a single compartment, helping to increase insulation and heat. Mittens will, however, limit mobility. For those who prefer a high range of movement on the slopes, ski gloves may be the superior alternative. They are lighter, feature individual slots for each finger, and are typically thinner than ski mittens.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Ski Gloves

Ski gloves

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Skiers should think about overall construction. Additionally, it's important to consider warmth rating and design, as well as the material of the lining and shell.


Exterior shell material




Palm and cuff style

Extra features

Proper Sizing and Fit

ski gloves

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The last thing a skier wants is a ski glove which is too tight or too loose. A suitably fitting glove should fit snuggly onto the skier's hands. They shouldn't move around, but they shouldn't restrict mobility either. An excellent way to measure how well it fits is by making a fist when wearing the gloves. The gloves should allow skiers to mobilize their hands and fingers at all times easily.

How We Reviewed

Ski gloves

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In comparing the best ski gloves, we cover many different aspects. The brand-name, quality, design, and material were a few determining factors in our review process. Additionally, the fit, comfort, features, and overall quality of the gloves, were also part of the review process. In addition to the basic features of ski gloves, we rely on professional reviews written by industry experts. Some features reviewers consider include features including warmth, the range of mobility the gloves afford skiers, and material quality.

Ski professionals put the top ski gloves to the challenge. Considering aspects like warmth and dexterity while wearing the gloves in different weather conditions, they determine the most appropriate styles for different ski conditions. Ski professionals determine the best ski gloves for specific purposes. Considering design features alongside reviews written by industry experts, we provide an in-depth listing of the best ski gloves.

​Price Range

The ski gloves we reviewed range depending on the size, material, and manufacturer, prices can vary significantly.

The Best Ski Gloves Available

Skiers shouldn't limit themselves to one brand or style when looking for the best ski gloves. The more options they review, the easier it will be to find the proper fit and most comfortable gloves.

Tough Outdoors

Ski & Snow Gloves - Waterproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Skiing &...
  • Fight The Freeze: Our winter ski gloves keep your hands warm and dry so you'll be ready for anything. With three...
  • Bring On The Snow: Don’t let snow, sleet, wind, or cold get in the way of your plans. Our weatherproof ski gloves...
  • Designed For Winter Activities: Our thermal ski gloves provide no-nonsense warmth, even in below-freezing temperatures....

An exterior nylon-shell makes these gloves both waterproof and windproof, increasing warmth and comfort levels. Ski gloves with wrist straps are simple to secure on a backpack when you're not wearing them. Interior thermal insulation helps to increase warmth, and a synthetic leather palm creates a more durable exterior.

Individual finger slots have lining throughout, making the gloves extremely warm in colder weather. The 100 percent nylon exterior is weatherproof. Snow, wind, rain, and cold won't penetrate the gloves, keeping the wearer's hands warm in all winter conditions.

One consumer complaint is thickness. The thickness can hinder mobility or lessen the grip a skier has on their ski poles. The wrist strap isn't as durable as other products. The leather palm is not genuine leather, so it isn't as durable as different material finishes either.

FRDM Outdoor Gloves

FRDM Free Fit Midweight Gloves Windproof Water Repellent Touchscreen...
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Awesome midweight convertible glove for your cold weather everyday activities. Flip back thumb & index...
  • HIGH END MATERIALS: Three-layer breathable water and windproof softshell repels water and snow, insulated soft fleece...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN & COMFORT: Flip back thumb and index finger caps with hidden magnets to keep them out of your way....

These gloves are windproof and weatherproof, keeping skiers warm in all conditions. The gloves also feature a textured palm pattern. They're touchscreen compatible with phones and tablets. The finger slots have a zipper compartment, allowing skiers their choice of full or half coverage. The three-layer material is breathable but warm.

The gloves aren't as warm as others, however. The temperature rating is between 25 to 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Another complaint by reviewers is the high price. The gloves are more than double the cost of others.

No products found.

These ski gloves are water- and windproof. They also feature a sensitive touchscreen function. Also, a Velcro wrist-closure helps keep the wind out.

The pocket on the top portion of the glove is perfect for storing keys, credit cards, or other small items. The gloves feature a PU leather overlay on the palm, giving wearers more grip and control. They are also water resistant.

One common complaint is how bulky the gloves are. This makes them a little uncomfortable for long periods of use. Some reviews also state that the gloves aren't true to size, and feel loose, which allows some wind to seep in.

Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves

Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Warm Gloves Mittens Liners Women Men...
  • 【Ultra Lightweight, Warm and Comfort】The premium compression soft fabrics(88% polyester & 12% spandex) provide...
  • 【Touch Screen with Sensitive Fingertip】Material on the thumb and index fingers is available for the touchscreen...
  • 【Compression Liner Gloves or Regular Gloves】Our gloves works amazingly as liner gloves can fit perfectly under your...

These gloves are perfect for multiple winter sports. They feature a touchscreen-compatible digital fingerprint design, which allows wearers to keep the gloves on and still operate their electronic devices. The gloves are light and feature compression fabrics, which keeps the wind from seeping in when moving at fast speeds.

Many owners like the overall design of the gloves and the fact that they are great for many outdoor sports. They feature a large zipper on top for storage. The gloves also have an anti-slip silicone palm design, for better control.

Sizing disparities are a common consumer complaint. Unisex design means that the sizing doesn't transfer appropriately for some individuals. Many complain it is difficult to choose between two sizes based on their hand's length and width.

N'Ice Caps Men's and Women's 100 Gram Thinsulate Waterproof Ski...
  • VERY WARM, WATERPROOF AND SNOWPROOF: The mittens and gloves are insulated with 100 Grams of 3M Thinsulate, which is...
  • BRING ON THE SNOW! These mittens and gloves are perfectly suited for cold, snowy outdoors activities including...
  • EASY TO PUT ON, ADJUST AND WEAR: The mittens and gloves are designed with elastic in the wrist area, which widens and...

These feature a fully-enclosed design guaranteeing no wind will penetrate the surface. The 100-gram Thinsulate material is lightweight. It also allows skiers to maintain a full range of motion when wearing these gloves for outdoor activities.

These gloves are breathable and feature an exterior waterproof membrane. The adjustable wrist strap allows each wearer to determine how loose or tight they want the gloves. A PU gripper palm helps skiers maintain full control of their ski poles on the slopes.

The mitten design limits mobility, however. Many reviewers note they can't move their fingers and feel somewhat constricted when wearing the gloves. Reviews also state that when the gloves become wet skiers don't feel as much protection in their hands.


ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Gloves Thermal Liner Unisex
  • Made of pure long-strand mulberry silk, breathable & moisture wicking fiber; Pamper your hands day and night
  • Ultimate inner-layer gloves design - ultra softness and long ribbed cuff to cover your wrists and make joints warmer in...
  • Lightweight, thin and naturally hypo-allergenic - Relief from itchy skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema; Good for...

The material of the gloves is pure, long-strand mulberry silk. They are soft to the touch and provide high levels of warmth in cold conditions. A wicking fiber material also helps keep the hands warm and dry, so wearers won't sweat when temperatures increase.

Skiers like the more extended design of these gloves. They cover the wrists and have a cuffed-strap, to help keep the wind out. The comfort level of these gloves is also something skiers also greatly appreciate.

On the other hand, some consumers complain that the sizing isn't accurate in comparison to other gloves. Some reviews also complain that the gloves aren't durable. Many consumer reviewers claim that the material begins to tear quickly, especially for outdoor sports use.

Solaris Ski Gloves

Ski Gloves, Winter Warm Cozy 3M Thinsulate Outdoor Windproof Snowboard...
  • SIZE RUNS SMALL: 4 Sizes available: the Small, Medium fits kids and youth, the Large and X-Large fits most women palm....
  • WARM AND COMFORTABLE: 40g 3M Thinsulate Insulation lining filled in the ski gloves. It is thick enough to keep hands...
  • WINDPROOF & TEMPERATURE LOCKING: Extended cuffs with a drawstring closure prevent chill from entering the gloves; a...

These ski gloves are water- and windproof. The material used to design the gloves is 3M Thinsulate material. It's highly maneuverable and gives wearers a full range of motion. It helps to wick away water and sweat, so the hands remain cool and dry, without compromising warmth.

Purchasers of these gloves like that they come with a free ski mask. They also feature a top-zipper design for storing small items like keys or credit cards. The gloves feature interior lining throughout each finger-slot, for added warmth on colder ski days.

One complaint many reviewers note is that the gloves are bulky. Some also state that the gloves feel tight. Reviews also claim that it is difficult to move the fingers in the gloves. This design flaw limits their range of motion when skiing.

​Our Verdict

ski gloves

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

There are dozens of options to choose from when purchasing ski gloves. For skiers who want something simple and affordable, the Unigear ski gloves are a great option. The price is reasonable, but the manufacturer didn't compromise on quality. The Velcro closure on the wrist is a nice feature to keep the wind out. The weatherproof shell also keeps skiers warm in all weather conditions.

For skiers who want high levels of comfort, mobility, and warmth, the FRDM midweight ski gloves are a great option. They feature the zipper-finger design. This design feature allows skiers to choose full coverage or only half-finger coverage on warmer days. The gloves also feature a touchscreen finger design, so skiers don't have to remove them to operate their phone. The midweight material won't feel too heavy or limit the range of mobility.

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