You're heading out for an upcoming ski trip and have all your gear packed. For most skiers, safety is of paramount importance, but the ski helmet is something many skiers often forget about. You don't want to be one of those skiers who don't take the time to find the best gear. You're looking for the best ski boots and waterproof jackets to keep you warm. But the right helmet is one of the most critical pieces of equipment to ensure your safety when skiing.

Helmets come in many shapes and sizes. That's why it's a good idea to compare several models and try them on before choosing one. You want something that looks great on the slopes and is comfortable. However, the most important thing to look for in a new ski helmet is protection and safety.

Your ski trip is going to be far more enjoyable when you avoid injuring yourself on the slopes. Pack your gear, grab your new helmet, and ready for your upcoming adventure out on the slopes.


When it comes to choosing a new ski helmet, skiers will learn there are hundreds of products from which to choose. These are some of the steps to take in finding the perfect ski helmet.

Proper size and fit

If a ski helmet isn't comfortable and doesn't fit, it's as bad as not wearing it at all. Skiers should have a helmet fitting with a professional if possible to find the proper size and fit.

If the helmet is too small, it is going to constrict mobility and skiers are going to feel uncomfortable. If it is too large, it is going to move and can block visibility while skiing. Either way, the wrong fit is problematic when it comes to choosing a new ski helmet.

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A form-fitting helmet will sit about one-inch above the eyebrows. Or, right above goggles skiers are wearing. Many helmets also feature adjusters. This allows skiers to tighten or loosen the piece as necessary.

It is a good idea to measure the circumference of the head when choosing a ski helmet. Most manufacturers have size guides that will correlate with head size. That helps skiers find the right fit. Trying on a helmet before purchasing it is also a good idea. It should fit snug and shouldn't move too much on the head.

Single and multi-use helmets

Once skiers know the size of ski helmet they need, it's time to choose between single and multi-use helmets. A single-use helmet features an EPS foam material on the interior to help absorb impact. This material is easily damaged. As a result, users must throw a single-use helmet away after it sustains impact.

Multi-use helmets feature a butyl nitrate foam. It is heavier and thicker than EPS. As a result, it can withstand more impact and prevent injuries. This means that you don't have to discard a multi-use helmet just because it takes a hit.

ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Helmet for Men Women - Air Flow...

ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Helmet for Men Women - Air Flow...
  • Dual Mode Airflow Evacuations - Regulator on the helmet to open and close front vent holes. Close for better windproof...
  • Full Protection on The Slope - Reinforeced construction with strong impact-resistance ABS and EPS material which provide...
  • Comfortable and Customizeable - Adjustable thickened sweat-absorbent chin strap and dial fit button on the back for...


Different ski helmets provide various features to owners. When purchasing a new ski helmet, consider the essential elements. These are a few basic features most ski helmets have.


A ventilation system is one of the most important things to look for in a ski helmet. There are adjustable and fixed vent systems. An adaptable system features a toggle or switch allowing owners to open and close the vents. A fixed system always remains halfway open to allow some airflow to penetrate.


The inner liner of the helmet contains EPS or another compressed-foam material to help reduce impact. Some helmets feature detachable ear pads for warmth and moisture wicking liners. No matter which design skiers choose, the right level of padding is essential. That is the only way to help reduce the possibility of injuries when impact occurs.

Camera mount and goggle compatibility

Many helmets are compatible with certain brands of goggles or sizes. No matter what pair skiers wear, it's essential to check fit compatibility with the ski helmet. Some helmets have an area to affix a POV camera on the helmet. Audio features, like built-in speakers, are also available on specific helmets. This feature allows skiers to listen to music while skiing.

With so many great features on ski helmets, it's a good idea to compare several products to find the right one.

Ski Helmet Certification

Of course, skiers want a ski helmet that's safe. Choosing one with the proper certification will ensure the highest levels of safety. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is one certification. CEN or European Committee for Standardization is another certifying body. Helmets that pass the necessary tests receive these certifications. As a skier, it's a good idea to choose helmets that meet the essential standards of safety.


When buying a new ski helmet, skiers must choose the right type of helmet as well. Some products are superior to others. Skiers must select a new helmet while considering fit, durability, and the highest levels of protection.

Injection mold

These helmets feature ABS plastic to separate stiffer foam material liners. The materials work together to reduce shock upon landing and prevent injuries. They are durable, comfortable, and have a snug fit to avoid movement on the head.

Hardshell ski helmet

A hard shell helmet uses durable ABS plastics to help reduce shock. The plastic sets into a precast mold, hard interior liner. This design helps create a comfortable fit. It limits movement on the head and provides greater shock resistance.

ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Helmet for Men Women - Air Flow...

ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Helmet for Men Women - Air Flow...
  • Dual Mode Airflow Evacuations - Regulator on the helmet to open and close front vent holes. Close for better windproof...
  • Full Protection on The Slope - Reinforeced construction with strong impact-resistance ABS and EPS material which provide...
  • Comfortable and Customizeable - Adjustable thickened sweat-absorbent chin strap and dial fit button on the back for...


With several top brands, skiers should compare several products before purchasing a helmet. These are a few of the best options available for skiers today.

This helmet features MIPS technology for safety. The multi-directional impact system helps to limit the impact skiers feel if they fall. It also affords skiers a high level of mobility while wearing their helmet. The lightweight design provides sufficient protection and features built-in ventilation to keep skiers cool.

This helmet has several great features skiers will appreciate. It has a durable ABS and shock resistant lining. Adjustable head straps on the interior lining allow skiers to adjust the fit for greater comfort. The helmet also has removable ear pads for extra warmth on chilly days.

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No products found.

The helmet is a unisex model for both men and women. It features a cooling liner and ventilation control system to keep skiers cool when they're warm under the helmet. EPS and APS foams plus a lining provide high levels of padding to minimize the impact if skiers fall.

The helmet has removable liners, making them easy to clean after use. An airflow control switch puts the skier in control, allowing them to customize ventilation levels. The helmet also has a soft and sweat absorbent chin strap. This feature will enable skiers to adjust the helmet easily, for maximum levels of comfort.

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No products found.

You can use this convertible ski helmet for snowboarding as well. It has 14 vents throughout the helmet to help maximize airflow and prevent heat and fogging. The product also has removable plush ear guards skiers can wear in colder temperatures. In addition, it has a goggle clip so skiers don't lose their goggles and can easily affix them to the helmet.

The product features a dial knob system on its side to tighten and loosen the helmet. The EPS interior is shock absorbent and helps minimize injuries if skiers fall or hit their head while skiing.

ProTec Ace Wake Helmet Matte Black Size L

ProTec Ace Wake Helmet Matte Black Size L
  • High Density Injection Molded ABS Shell Dual Density Waterproof EVA Liner
  • 26 vents improve air ventilation and water drainage to keep wearer comfortable
  • Full surround "head lock" interior fit system supports the back of the head for maximum comfort and safety

This helmet features a "headlock" system to help prevent movement and minimize the impact if a skier falls. The hard ABS exterior and a waterproof interior liner keep skiers comfortable and safe. The 15 vents on the helmet's surface also help improve ventilation and keep airflow continually pushing through.

The helmet is adjustable, so skiers can modify the fit to ensure the highest levels of comfort. The helmet is available in sizes small through x-large. That means every skier can find the perfect fit.

Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava

Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava
  • Audio built into your earpads - Can use with or without audio.
  • Smooth ABS shell and EPS foam padding. CE and ASTM certified
  • Comes with free Balaclava face mask.

This helmet has certification from CE and ASTM for the highest levels of safety possible. It features a durable shell and comfortable interior liner. It has an adjustable chin strap and padding around the neck for optimal support. The helmet also comes with a protective carrying case.

The exterior has an ABS shell and multiple vents help increase airflow while skiing. This product has built-in audio features. The design allows owners to connect their mp3 player and listen to music while skiing. It also includes Supra goggles with the helmet.

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet Matte Vermillion L (59-62.5cm)

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet Matte Vermillion L (59-62.5cm)
  • FIT SYSTEM - Auto Loc 2 Fit System (removable) is a durable self-adjusting fit system designed to take the hassle out of...
  • VENTILATION - Stack Vent in the front of the helmet which aligns with your goggles and helps to keep them clear and fog...
  • SEAMLESS COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL GIRO EXV GOGGLES - Giro products have been meticulously designed and tested to work...

A hardshell construction and auto-loc two fit system feature a removable, on the fly vertical turning system. This allows owners to adjust the helmet to the ideal fit for safety and comfort. It has CE certification for protection also.

A removable goggle retainer and removable ear pads come with the helmet. It is also compatible with aftermarket Giro system audio connectors. A stack ventilation system at the back of the helmet helps keep owners cool. It penetrates airflow throughout and helps minimize fogging up of the goggles while skiing.


When choosing a new ski helmet, there are single and multi-use products available. Depending on your experience and how much impact resistance you seek, the right helmet will differ for each skier.

Those who want the best single-use helmet will like the Smith Holt Snow Helmet. It features durable ABS material lining, and the MIPS system provides extra protection for skiers. With Air Evac Ventilation, the helmet always remains partially open to keep skiers cool. There are 13 vents and an adjustable band on the back of the helmet to ensure proper fit. A removable goggle lock is a nice feature on this helmet also.

The best multi-use helmet available is the ProTec Ace Wake helmet. It features an ABS shell exterior, 15 open vents, and waterproof EVA liner. The dual-density liner provides an additional barrier of support to keep the head and neck safe upon impact. A "headlock" system provides full interior comfort, and removable cupping ear guards are great in cold weather conditions. The helmet is also available from a leading brand name manufacturer. That means you can rely on quality, fit, and durability.

No matter what your level of experience is, the right ski helmet will keep you safe on the slopes. Even professionals wear helmets, so there's a reason they're essential for skiing. If you want to remain safe, without limiting comfort, these are some of the best products available for skiers.

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