Outdoor snow sports are not only great exercise, but they are also a lot of fun for people of all fitness levels. When choosing a snowboard to tackle the slopes, there are several options to consider. Snowboarders need to determine where they'll be riding, their experience level, and their budget before choosing a board.

Because there are so many snowboards to choose from, it's important to do your research before deciding on one. You want to select a board that's flexible and easy to ride. It's also important to pick a board that can withstand the icy conditions you'll put it through. Regardless of your experience level or where you plan on snowboarding, it's important to know what to look for when shopping. Get ready to try out multiple boards so that you find the perfect fit for your next winter adventure.

How to Choose a Snowboard

There are several factors to consider when choosing a new snowboard. Form, flex, design, and experience are a few of these factors. Think about some of these aspects when choosing a new snowboard.

Snowboard length and width

When choosing the length, body weight is the most critical factor consumers should consider. Heavier riders will typically select longer snowboards than lighter snowboarders. A longer snowboard provides stiffer board response for stability. Some people also consider height when deciding on the length of a snowboard. Height is important, but your weight is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a board.

The measurement of the board's width is at the center of the snowboard. In general, the snowboarder's boot should hang slightly over the edge of the board. Size guides are available to help people choose the right board length and width.


There are four main profiles when comparing snowboards. Camber, rocker, camber/flat, and rocker/camber. Depending on where people plan on snowboarding, the profile they choose will vary. Some characteristics of each are:

  • Camber boards feature a design where the ends of the snowboard have an upturned design
  • A rocker board features an overall convex shape throughout the board
  • Camber/flat boards feature a flat profile, with minimal elevation on the edges
  • Rocker/camber boards feature a combination of both rocker and camber board profiles


Powder vs. splitboard

The type of board you choose will also vary depending on where you snowboard. A powder board has a broader nose and tapers off towards the tail. A splitboard is another common variety of snowboards. These boards feature new technologies for touring and uphill riding. The design allows owners to reconnect both halves of the board upon reaching flat surfaces.


Snowboard flex varieties are available in soft, medium, and stiff flex rating. A soft flex board is more comfortable to maneuver. It has greater bounce and is more forgiving for beginners to novice snowboarders. It also helps new snowboarders learn to balance and guide themselves downhill when snowboarding. A medium flex board is a little stiffer. They allow snowboarders to make sharp turns and change directions when going downhill. Rigid boards are for snowboarders with plenty of experience. They allow snowboarders to perform tricks because they ensure a flat landing on the snow.


Snowboarders should utilize these charts to help them find the appropriate flex rating level.

Types of Snowboards

There are three primary types of snowboards to consider when investing in a new board. These are all-mountain, freeride, and freestyle snowboards.

All mountain

These boards are versatile. They are the best option for beginners because they allow snowboarders to learn how to maneuver downhill. These boards are great for powder or mild snow conditions, providing snowboarders stability and grounding on all slopes.


A freestyle board features a soft to medium flex rating. They are generally shorter and lighter than all-mountain and freeride boards. These balanced boards make it easy to turn in powder snow. They also have a robust construction, allowing them to withstand contact with side rails for performing tricks while snowboarding.


A freeride snowboard is for fast, downhill speeds. They offer a smooth ride on all types of snow conditions and slopes. Solid edging makes these boards great for high-speed carves and turns.

Where to Buy

Snowboards are available on several sites. Amazon sells different models, as does Evo's website and REI also carries several models.

Comparison Table

The Best Snowboard

There are several manufacturers of snowboards. These are a few of the best options to consider when shopping for a new board in 2018.

2022 System MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package

2022 System MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package
  • System MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package : Featuring System's MTN snowboard designed to float in powder,...
  • System MTN Snowboard : The MTN is a camber-rocker-camber profile which greatly increases float in powder and ensures you...
  • System APX Bindings: One of the lightest binding, the APX offers unparalleled performance. It has an absolute wish list...

This snowboard is great for powder trails and features APX bindings. It is lightweight and includes APX boots to enhance the snowboarding experience. The camber-rocker profile increases float and allows snowboarders to engage their body when performing tricks on the board. A 3D core is lightweight and doesn't weigh down snowboarders on downhill slopes.

Each component, from the board to the boots and bindings, come with a three-year warranty. The flex profile is soft, making this an excellent board for beginners to novice snowboarders. It includes bindings, the snowboard, and boots, making it an attractive package at an affordable price point.

No products found.

No products found.

This all-mountain snowboard is highly flexible, so it is a forgiving board for beginners and novice snowboarders. It features an 80 percent rocker and 20 percent camber profile, making it effortless to turn in powdery conditions. It's a good option for snowboarders who are progressing and improving their skills on the slopes.

It features a directional, all-mountain design. It is stiffer towards the back of the foot, but softer towards the front. This design makes it easy to turn and maneuver downhill. A more rigid waist also makes it easy to control the center of the board when completing difficult turns.

Quality of the snowboard might be the only concern for some consumers. Since it is for beginners, it is not going to withstand rougher boarding conditions like other boards.

The Hybritech construction, all-mountain snowboard, is an excellent option for all terrains. Versatile shaping, with durable material finishes throughout, makes this a great board for riders with more experience. The board has a medium to stiff flex design. This design is great for performing tricks or moving downhill at faster speeds on the snowboard.

The construction and build of the board are high-quality, so owners don't have to worry about damage when snowboarding. The standard core and no catch technologies that K2 boards feature also ensures snowboarders will easily acclimate to their new board.

DC PBJ Snowboard, 159cm, Multicolor

DC PBJ Snowboard, 159cm, Multicolor
  • A staple in the DC lineup, the lightweight, exible PBJ series
  • Traditional Camber
  • Stratus Core + 3 Degree Bevel

This snowboard is lightweight and has a traditional camber design. It has a stratus core and +3 degree bevel. The ply-material finish makes the board extremely flexible for downhill snowboarding. The sidewalls feature a 30-degree slope design for greater mobility downhill.

The edge angle also helps create a more forgiving catch-free ride. This feature is excellent for beginners or novice snowboarders. The true-twin shape features a medium flex, and the board also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Burton Clash Snowboard Mens

Burton Clash Snowboard Mens
  • Bend:New Flat Top
  • Shape:Directional Shape,3-6mm Taper
  • Flex: Twin Flex

A flat-top design and three to six-millimeter taper create a flat riding surface for all-terrain snowboarding. The Dual-ZoneTM EdgeTm and fiberglass core make this board durable for all riding conditions. The board is compatible with any binding and is easy to set up for beginner snowboarders also.

The flex is soft to medium, making it perfect for novice snowboarders. The light, 800-gram core also allows snowboarders to glide downhill quickly on powdery slopes. The flat design is ideal for powder and thicker snow conditions.

Ride Machete Snowboard Mens

Ride Machete Snowboard Mens
  • Quadratic Sidecut
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Performance Core

This snowboard features a twin rocker design and pop rods 1.0 core. Carbon laminate and cleave edge steel construction ensures a durable board that won't crack under pressure. The nose and tail of the new board have a higher curve than previous models for streamline gliding.

The inclusion of roll in slimewalls helps increase the durability of this snowboard compared to previous years' models. It is great for peak or park snowboarding. A medium flex is ideal for novice snowboarders to riders with a little more experience and is ideal on all snowboarding trails.

No products found.

No products found.

The board is available in 152 cm up to 162 cm lengths, making it ideal for snowboarders of varying heights. A flat-rocker style makes this hybrid board an excellent choice for all snowboarding experience levels. A medium flex is great for performing tricks and quick downhill snowboarding.

The lightweight board features a durable core material finish so it won't crack under pressure. It is perfect for all-mountain terrains and powder snow trails. The snowboard a good option for those with experience who don't have much to spend on a new snowboard. It has a biax fiberglass wrap, producing a snappy feel when gliding downhill.

No products found.

No products found.

Kush control and an EZ glider rocker provide a sturdy base for this snowboard. The directional twin design features a true flex core. It includes a four-year manufacturer's warranty to cover defects.

The snowboard has a soft flex base. It is perfect for beginner snowboarders. There are three urethane features in the Kush control technology system. This feature creates a smooth exterior finish while providing the durable construction for this beginner snowboard.

The Best Snowboard Available

There are several great snowboards available for all experience levels. Those looking for a beginner board will love the System MTN package. It includes the snowboard, boots, and bindings. The board also features a 3D lightweight core, and the APX boots are comfortable for beginners. The board and accessories also include a three-year warranty on the investment.

For those who seek quality from a reputable manufacturer, the Burton Clash is a great option. The Dual-Zone edge and compatibility with all bindings is a nice feature of this board. It also has a medium flex, allowing novice snowboarders and riders with more experience to acclimate to the board's feel easily. It has a flat design and all-terrain riding for fast downhill snowboarding. 

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