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How to Pick the Right Binoculars for Your Activity

Otherwise known as field glasses, binoculars are two telescopes aligned to allow the viewer to see distant objects. Most binoculars are sized to be handheld, but they vary according to use.

Binoculars provide the viewer with a three-dimensional image. Numerous designs have emerged on the market since people use binoculars for various uses. 

The activity one engages in determines the type of binoculars they select. Binoculars are not a one-size-fits-all item. 

How do you know what the different types of binoculars are and which ones to choose?

To answer that question, we delved into the different activities that one might need to use binoculars and how it would benefit them. We also determined the best type of binoculars required for each activity.


Regardless of the form of hunting one engages in, binoculars are a necessary item for the hunter to take with to the game.

Unlike the rifle scope, hunters use both eyes to track down their prey. The biggest reason that hunters need binoculars is that they cannot get close to their prey. That’s due to the prey posing a danger to the hunter, or the hunter not wanting to scare away the prey by getting close to its proximity.

Hunters use binoculars to observe their surroundings and spot their prey. The binoculars help the hunter to determine the species, sex, or range of the prey. 

Hunters will need to determine the magnification and the field-of-view (FOV) applicable to them. Higher magnification does not mean that the binoculars are the best option, as it makes it more difficult to stabilize the image.

The other drawback of high magnification is that it narrows the FOV. Hunters who hunt in wide, open spaces should opt for high magnification binoculars. The best option for those hunters is the 10x magnification.

Hunters who stalk their prey in woods should choose a pair with low magnification (1).


Nothing beats lying on the grass at night or on a beach and looking up at the stars. The only thing that would surpass that is having good equipment.

While telescopes are a popular item for stargazing, binoculars might be less commonly used but are better. Since most telescopes use a single eyepiece, binoculars use two. 

Manufacturers such as Canon have designed binoculars with large objective lenses to let in more light at night, as well as higher magnifications to enable the viewer to see further. 

Depending on the binoculars that you choose, you can see 25 to 50 times more stars with them than with unaided eyes. That’s a possibility due, not just to the magnification alone, but to the “phenomena of perceptive narrowing driving a flow state.” (2)

What the layman would call focus or clarity.

The binoculars that Canon has designed enable the viewer to see 15x and even 18x magnification into space. Their 10X42L IS WP binoculars provide a brighter viewing for night gazing (3).


Believe it or not, the people who have field glasses in front of their eyes at operas are not only doing it to look suave. 

Although opera glasses are binoculars, they are specialized binoculars.

Manufacturers have designed opera glasses for indoor settings and theatrical performances such as ballet, opera, and musical performances. Patrons use the glasses to see fine details and facial expressions of the performers that most of the audience, usually, miss. 

Viewers who use opera glasses will find that a low magnification of 3x or 4x is the most relevant. 5x magnification is uncommon. 

The reason for the low magnification is that the glasses enable you to see a wider view of the stage, as well as close enough to see the details without missing the bigger picture.

Remember, the field of view decreases when the magnification increases. 3x opera glasses provide a 385 ft field of view. 4x glass provide a 228 ft FOV and 8x will provide only 126 ft FOV (4).

Manufacturers have designed opera glasses to be small so that it can fit into a pocket or a purse. Opera glasses contain roof prisms and have a single focus wheel to focus both eyes simultaneously.

Bird Watching

Spending the day in nature while looking at interesting birds is a favorite past-time for many people. The main reason that people use binoculars for bird watching is to see the detail of the bird while keeping a distance to avoid scaring it.

Binoculars enable the viewer to see the shape, size, and colors of the bird with unbelievable clarity. 

Choosing the right type of binoculars for bird watching can be challenging since what one viewer might deem important might not be important to another viewer.

Here are some of the things that bird watchers should consider when choosing binoculars. 

Magnification is, obviously, important. Bird watchers should choose between 7x, 8x, or 10x. If the bird watcher uses the binoculars for tree-dense areas such as forest, opt for 8x to 10x. For marshes or shorelines, bird watchers should choose 8x to 12x. (5)

Waterproofing is another feature to have if viewing birds early in the morning or close to beaches and lakes. Binoculars sealed with Q-rings are moisture-proof.

Determining the size and weight that is suitable for your hands is important to gauge if you can keep the binoculars at eye level for extended periods without shaking.

Sport Viewing

Watching sports on television is a different experience than watching it live. Some people say that it’s better to watch it on TV since you can’t get a good view when you’re sitting at the back of a large stadium.

If you have the relevant binoculars, watching sports live is better since you can see the players close while experiencing the ambiance. 

The first thing to determine is if you’re going to use the binoculars for indoor or outdoor use. You wouldn’t use the same pair of binoculars to see your favorite soccer player as you would to see the biggest basketball star.

Sports fans who are at outdoor events should opt for magnification of 8x to 12x. If you are indoors, you should opt for a range of 4x to 8x. For sports games that happen at night, we recommend that you choose binoculars that have a large exit pupil, offering a brighter view.

If the binoculars provide good optical performance, it will enable you to see facial expressions clearly at night. 

For indoor arenas, the viewer would opt for a wide field of view, hence the lower magnification. You need to grasp all the action that happens at a fast pace but also be close enough to the action. 

Final Thoughts

It should be obvious by now that certain activities will require a particular pair of binoculars. We have made suggestions about the binoculars that provide the best vision for the individual activities, but it is up to you to determine your preference.

After all, your preference might be different than the common use. The important take-aways are that the magnification and the field of view need to coincide so that you get the optimal viewing experience from binoculars.

Before purchasing binoculars, make sure to test them by looking through them, as that will help you to ascertain if you can hold them for prolonged periods. It will also help you to find out if they’re suitable and comfortable for your eyes. 

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Best Merrell Hiking Boots For All Outdoor Enthusiasts

a person wearing Merrell shoes

Since 1981 the Merrell company has been making high-performance, high-quality hiking boots, trail running shoes, and casual shoes. This company is known in the industry as a leader in innovation, designing versatile shoes and boots for sporting enthusiasts, athletes, and everyday use. Merrell shoes are built for a variety of terrains—from rugged hiking trails to treadmills and everything in between. Merrell shoes are designed with four core values in mind: comfort, durability, design, and versatility, and they deliver the highest quality in each of these areas.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of Merrell shoes that support activities ranging from casual use to extreme conditions. In recent years they have expanded their product line to include work boots, tactical boots, and children's shoes. There is a Merrell shoe for any activity. With such a comprehensive product line it can be difficult to determine which Merrell shoes will be best suited to your particular application. We have taken the guesswork out of choosing the best Merrell shoe by reviewing the top styles for you. Read on to find out which Merrell shoe is perfect for you.

Comparison Table

Product FAQ

a pair of merrell shoes

Image Source: Pixabay.com

1. What Are Merrell Shoes?

2. How Do Merrell Shoes Work?

3. Where Can You Buy Merrell Shoes?

How We Reviewed

a person wearing merrell hiking boots

Image Source: Pixabay.com

The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters: Features, Pros & Cons, Price, and Where to Buy.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

The pricing for Merrell shoes varies widely. The products reviewed in this article range in price from $50 - $158 to $101 - $374. Less expensive shoes are typically lighter weight and are made of synthetic materials. More expensive shoes have more rugged soles and may be made of leather. They tend to be more waterproof and heavy duty.

What We Reviewed

  • Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot}
  • Merrell Women's All Out Peak Trail Running Shoe
  • Merrell Women's Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes
  • Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner
  • Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe
  • Merrell Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe
  • Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Runner
  • Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe
  • Merrell Men's Moab Fst Hiking Shoe
  • Merrell Men's All Out Charge Trail Running Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10 M US
  • M Select DRY seals out water and lets moisture escape so you stay dry when you're on the move
  • Performance suede leather and mesh upper;Molded nylon arch shank
  • Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out. Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds...


This mid-height hiking boot provides traction in any summer situation. The waterproof uppers with M-Select dry moisture wicking mesh lining keep feet cool and dry. The patterns of the Vibram lugs provide stability. There are no lugs under the arch so the foot flexes naturally for maximum comfort. They provide traction on wet and dry surfaces and the air cushion heel absorbs shocks. The M-Select Fresh antimicrobial agents eliminate the odor-causing microbes and prevent sweat and moisture from affecting the freshness of the shoes.


  • Vibram lugs provide stability
  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining
  • Antimicrobial agents eliminate odor-causing microbes


  • Sole separates from shoe
  • Eyelets wear out
  • Not waterproof

Merrell Women's All Out Peak Trail Running Shoe

No products found.


This running shoe is stable enough to tackle any terrain. The built-in TrailProtect shields the soles. These Merrell shoes feature M-Select Fresh—long lasting antimicrobial agents that eliminate odor-causing microbes for continuous freshness. The Uni-Fly impact absorption system disperses impact, providing a soft landing and a stable takeoff so you can go further, faster, and longer.

The lug patterns provide stability in all conditions. The foot flexes naturally because there are no lugs under the arch. This shoe is vegan-friendly; they use 0% animal products. The synthetic shoe has reflective bits for increased visibility in low light conditions.


  • Uni-Fly impact absorption system
  • Antimicrobial agents eliminate odor
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Sizing runs wide
  • Fabric tears
  • Huge toe box

Merrell Women's Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes

No products found.


This athletic hiker offers support, alignment, and gender-specific stability for the way women move. It is 100% textile, making it vegan-friendly. These Merrell shoes feature an M-Select Grip that tunes each outsole with durable traction to grip where you need to when you need to. The Q-Form 2 insole and midsole technology is engineered for women to provide superior comfort and natural alignment. The kinetic fit tri-insole is contoured to your foot and has triple zone arch support. M-Select Fresh antimicrobial agents keep your shoes smelling fresh.


  • Gender engineered for natural alignment and comfort
  • M-Select Grip provides durable traction
  • Triple zone arch support


  • Tight around ankles
  • Cheap appearance

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner

No products found.


This barefoot shoe feels like a sock and has a locked down fit. It features a Vibram sole that has virtually no ground-to-foot separation. This pair is made of 100% mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a rubber sole. These Merrell shoes have a Trailprotect pad for underfoot protection and a breathable mesh lining. They have a minimal look and provide maximum performance.


  • Zero ground-to-foot separation
  • Mesh and TPU upper, rubber sole
  • Trailprotect pad for underfoot protection


  • Sizing runs large
  • Tracks mud
  • Look like clown shoes

Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

No products found.


This Merrell shoe balances casual style and easygoing comfort. The smooth leather upper is casual but not sloppy and the anatomical footbed assures comfort with every step. The sticky rubber outsole provides flexibility and reduces fatigue in the feet and legs. An air cushion in the heel absorbs shocks. The Ortholite footbed and compression molded EVA foot frame provide stability and comfort. These slip-ons are the perfect fit for a go-anywhere shoe that waits by the door.


  • Anatomical footbed
  • Air-cushioned heel
  • Slip-on convenience


  • Sizing runs small
  • Soles degrade much quicker than older models
  • Slippery on wet floors

Merrell Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe

No products found.


This durable zero drop trail running shoe has an ultra-lightweight upper that molds to your foot and Vibram grip soles. Antimicrobial agents keep the shoes smelling fresh. The lug patterns provide stability in all conditions. The foot flexes naturally because there are no lugs under the arch. The soles provide sure traction on wet and dry surfaces. The shoes are vegan-friendly using 0% animal products in the mesh and synthetic upper. The omni-fit lacing system provides a precise, glove-like fit and a breathable mesh lining.


  • Ultra lightweight upper
  • Omni-fit lacing system
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Rubber rubs on toes
  • Inadequate grip

Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Runner

No products found.


These barefoot shoes are made of 100% synthetic textile and are vegan-friendly. They have a Vibram TC5 outsole with 3mm lugs for superior grip and a Trailprotect pad for underfoot protection. The breathable mesh lining keeps feet comfortable. Odor is kept at bay with the antimicrobial agents that keep the shoes fresh.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Antimicrobial agents keep shoes fresh
  • Trailprotect pad for underfoot protection


  • Problematic tongue design
  • Stiff arch support
  • Shallow toe box

Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe

No products found.


This zero drop running shoe features full-foot connection and bonus cushioning. The hyper-responsive insoles give the user total control. These Merrell shoes have a mesh and TPU upper, an EVA midsole, and an integrated EVA footbed. The shoes are machine washable with the gentle cycle and an air dry. Antimicrobial agents keep the shoes smelling fresh. Made of 100% synthetic materials, these shoes are vegan-friendly. They have a traditional lace closure and reflective details for increased visibility in low light environments.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Hyper-responsive insole
  • Machine washable


  • Very little support
  • Sole separates from upper
  • Tight fit

Merrell Men's Moab Fst Hiking Shoe

No products found.


With a lug depth of 5mm, the Vibram MegaGrip outsole on these Merrell shoes provides a combination of durability and stickiness for great traction on wet and dry surfaces. This low profile hiking shoe features a lace up front and padded bellows tongue and collar. These shoes provide all-day comfort with a great out of the box fit. This model has updated athletic styling and a lighter midsole. The shoe is made of mesh and TPU with a breathable mesh lining for comfort.


  • Vibram MegaGrip outsole with 5mm lugs
  • Updated athletic styling
  • Low profile


  • Tight fit
  • Color fades
  • Wear out quickly

Merrell Men's All Out Charge Trail Running Shoe

No products found.


This running shoe cinches to your foot to become a cradle of stability and agility to help you conquer tricky terrain. The uppers have a specialized 360-degree fit that molds to your foot. Reactive, friendly microbes naturally eliminate sweat and odor-causing bacteria. The Uni-Fly impact absorption system disperses impact and allows for soft landings and stable takeoffs due to the ultra-resilient soft foam with strategically placed shock pads. The outsoles have durable traction grips where and when needed.


  • Uni-Fly impact absorption system
  • Specialized 360 degree fit
  • Durable traction grips


  • Tight fit
  • Problematic tongue design
  • Feet get hot

The Verdict

a man walking with hiking shoes on

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Based on our research we believe the best Merrell shoes for women are the Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe. They are ultra lightweight at just 5.8 ounces per shoe. They have an extra large toe box for comfort when running downhill. The sole is thin enough to feel the trail and the mesh upper will keep your feet cool. The heel doesn't slip and users report them to be extremely comfortable for long duration walks and hikes.

For men, we recommend the Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot. This pair will keep your feet cool in strenuous hiking conditions while also providing you excellent traction on any terrain. The stitching and construction are bulletproof and will endure hundreds of miles of hiking without a problem. They have good heel support and lateral support in the toe box. The mesh fabric dries quickly and wicks moisture away from the feet. The attractive design and durable material will make these your go-to Merrell shoes for years to come.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com

10 Best Hiking Shoes Running Needs

hiking shoes

Hiking is an activity that requires a high level of strength, effort, and sturdiness. Those who love hiking usually have to be very careful of the gear and equipment they bring along. Since the most important part of hiking is climbing and scaling, what you wear on your feet is probably the most important part of your gear. Therefore, some high-quality hiking shoes are an absolute necessity for those who love such an adventurous hobby!


There are quite a few options for hiking shoes available on the market today. Many of the best shoe brands have come up with their own offerings specially tailored for hiking purposes. Not all these pairs of hiking shoes are the same, so you should do some careful research beforehand.

Not sure which of the hiking shoes you should go for? Curious to know more about the top brands of hiking shoes?

Finding a perfect pair of hiking shoes requires more than just comfort.

Let's dig deeper!

Why Is There A Need For Hiking Shoes?

hiking shoes

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Shoes specially made for hiking are usually lightweight, with one pair not weighing more than about 2 pounds each. To achieve this lightness, their materials are usually synthetic and non-bulky. With a proper lightweight shoe, you’re less likely to get tired while hiking; no matter how far or high you go!

The better hiking shoes you have, the further you’re likely to travel while hiking. In fact, some brands have even come up with speed hiking shoes for those who want to cover a lot of distance. Below are just a few more reasons why you need to choose a pair of hiking shoes that are just made for your feet:

You can give comfort to your feet

You can provide extra support to your heel

You may feel the flexibility of ankles

You can easily support your ankles

How to Pick the Perfect Hiking Shoes for My Feet?

hiking shoes

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay  

The hiking shoes you choose should be the result of some deliberation and should suit your needs. Since these are feet and hiking we’re talking about, it’s essential that you consider several features to grab the best option. Otherwise, you may be looking at great discomfort and even experience some foot issues as a result of hiking with the wrong kind of shoes. Therefore, make sure to take into account the following:

The Upper Materials

Comfort Level

Outsole Patterns

How We Reviewed

hiking shoes

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay 

To provide you an unbiased collection of opinions about each brand of hiking shoes, we went through different customer reviews, compared each brand with the other, and came up with valuable information about the best hiking shoes of 2019. We have used Amazon stars to rate all ten brands of hiking shoes.

10 Best Hiking Shoes in 2019

We’ll now come to the top 10 best hiking shoes available in 2019. These options will not only lead you to your final decision but will also help you in knowing what to look out for when buying hiking shoes.

Oboz Sawtooth

Oboz Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe - Men's
  • Construction - Strobel LastedInsole
  • BFit DeluxeMidsole
  • Dual Density EVA, Nylon ShankOutsole

According to the users of the Oboz Sawtooth Low, there are several reasons why you should invest in these hiking shoes. Their fit is true for the most part, requiring little downsizing or upsizing. There’s also a great amount of arch support, thanks to the insole inserted from the beginning. This provides great comfort as well, which hikers and outdoorsy people greatly appreciate.

In fact, there’s no time required to break in this pair! You can even start off by wearing them as your everyday shoes, which is not something you can say of many other brands of hiking shoes.

There have been some complaints about the laces being too long. Plus, the soles have caused some users to slip on wet ground.


La Sportiva Women's Primer Low GTX Hiking Shoe
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TRAIL SHOE - La Sportiva's Primer Low GTX is a low-top, all synthetic, highly breathable hiking shoe...
  • GORE-TEX PROTECTION - Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex Surround technology keeps your feet dry during extended day hikes...
  • BREATHABLE - Ultralight moisture-wicking AirMesh fabrics with Nano-Cell technology keep your feet cool on hot days,...

The comfort of the Primer Low GTX has a stunning level of comfort. This has even been able to reduce knee and foot pain for several users. The fact that it’s also light and provides amazing arch support is also a positive factor. It’s also severely uncompromising when water tries to get inside, protecting your feet at all costs.

At the same time, it’ll get you traction on all kinds of terrains, which other pairs may not offer. No need to break it in, it’s flexible and comfy right from the box!

One irritating factor, though, is this shoe’s tendency for a narrow forefront.


Oboz Men's Sawtooth Low Bdry Hiking Shoe
  • 3D molded heel counter
  • Strobel lasted construction
  • BFit deluxe footbed

The Oboz Sawtooth Low Bdry hiking shoes are excellent for hiking, running errands, jogging, or whatever you feel like doing! It may have a low cuff, but the rating on its support is unprecedented by any other pair. The high comfort, low level of break-in time, and water-resistant properties have won the hearts of many a user.

If you’re having pain in your feet, do consider the Oboz Sawtooth Low Bdry. It has provided additional comfort to the customers’ feet and helped them hike while giving them a feeling of being unstoppable.

The sole may wear out quickly and the size may run small.

Hedgehog Fastpack GTX

The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack Gore-TEX Hiking Boot Mens
  • Move swiftly over the trail in rain or shine, when you trek with The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX hiking shoe...
  • The North Face
  • varies

What really pleased a majority of customers for the North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX was the amazing comfort this pair comes with. It comprises of Gore-Tex membrane, which makes the whole item waterproof. This will not just prevent water damage, but also keep water from reaching your foot and possibly causing nasty issues like athlete’s foot.

There’s also a proper amount of traction involved, meaning that you can wear this on several kinds of trails. The low-cut pair is deemed to be lighter than most other offerings in this price range.

There have been some disappointments with the arch support and lack of proper width. The sizing may also be a bit bigger than expected so you should check the sizing accordingly.

Renegade Gore-TEX

Lowa Mens Renegade Gore-Tex Lo Nubuck Trainers
  • DuraPU with SPS system midsole construction
  • Gore-Tex lining for optimised climate comfort
  • Removable Climate Control insoles for all-day comfort

The Lowa Sesto GTX Lo is an excellent option if you want lightness, comfort, and breathability all in one package. These are the highest praises given by people who have actually made use of this pair and tested it out on hiking trails. Airflow is as important a feature as water-resistance, so this is the pair that could keep your feet healthy while hiking.

Customers also love this option because of the outsole, which provides a firm grip on the ground no matter what it’s like. What’s more, the soft padding is thin, unlike many other similar pairs on the market. This will enable a nice contouring to the arch of your foot without taking up much room.

This pair is reported to have a narrow fit, so be wary of this.

Caprock Gore-Tex

adidas outdoor Men's Caprock Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe
  • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear.
  • Soft suede leather for enhanced comfort and breathability.
  • High abrasion mesh upper for extra durability.

The low-cut Adidas Caprock doesn’t have any rivals for its level of comfort. The minute you put these on, you’ll be amazed by the firm traction. It won’t let you down on any trail, mountain, or wherever you choose to go. While it may have a somewhat bulky profile, the general effect it gives is one of lightness.

It might even be a trail runner, but an exceedingly sturdy one. There should also be no issue of fitting since many users claim it fits perfectly straight from the box. Since it also has two footbeds, something not usually found in any pair, its versatility is unparalleled.

 A few customers have said that they found some issues with its breathability and small toe box.

Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport

Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe
  • Sporty shoe for day hiking with approach-shoe durability, stability and comfort
  • 1.6mm suede leather upper
  • Highly tunable lace system

If you’re looking for a high-quality hiking shoe that’s also extremely light, the Vasque Juxt should be one of your first picks. There’s not much time required to wear these hiking shoes. They’re highly comfortable and can provide a great level of arch support, even though it’s cut below the ankle. This design, incidentally, also provides proper ankle flexibility. It’s also highly durable and tough, which is rare when it comes to other lightweight shoes.

Be prepared, though, for some narrow designs and traction issues.

Vasque Men's Grand Traverse

Vasque Men's Grand Traverse
  • Low-cut hiking shoe featuring durable mesh panels and abrasion-resistant toe cap
  • Dual-density EVA footbed and cushioning EVA midsole
  • Grippy dual-compound Vibram Ibex outsole

The Vasque Grand Traverse hiking shoes are a pair that has delighted many users. The price may be steep, but it’s deemed well worth it by those who have gone through their experience. Even though the pair is low-cut, their ankle support remains excellent even when tested.

Several users have also praised its performance when used outdoors in general. That’s because the grip is highly impressive and the materials are durable even when used for frequent hiking. They’re also lightweight, which is an added bonus for those who aren’t quite ready to deal with heavy genuine leather hiking boots yet. Even though it contains so many features, it doesn’t bulk out like many other pairs available.

Keep in mind that these shoes aren’t waterproof. Their curved shape is also not for everyone.

Astral Men's TR1 Mesh

Astral Men's TR1 Mesh Minimalist Hiking Shoes, Quick Drying and...
  • Intended Use: Water, Light Hiker
  • Uppers: Ripstop 2D Mesh with TPU overlays at toe and heel cap. Supportive EVA heel cup. Removable Polygiene treated...
  • Foot to Ground Distance: 21mm heel, 20mm ball - Weight / shoe: Mens 278g (9.8 oz)

The Astral TR1 Mesh is one hiking shoe that can provide you with more lightness than almost any other option, according to many reviewers who have personally tried them out. It’s perfect for handling wet terrains since it’s known to dry out quickly as well. These hiking shoes are also versatile and comfortable from the minute you wear them. With the firm grip, you’ll be able to hike without worrying.

Overall, this shoe promises to be quite a favorite among those who love the outdoors in general and hiking in particular.

A few users have commented that this shoe caused their feet to stink. Plus, there has been at least one instance of the mesh peeling away within some months of use.

Salomon Men's X Ultra Prime

Salomon Men's X Ultra Prime Hiking Shoes
  • Low-top hiker featuring breathable mesh with strategically places overlay reinforcements
  • Advanced Chassis Technology stability for mountain propulsion terrain
  • OrthoLite cushioned insole

The Salomon X Ultra Prime is a pair that’s not going to restrict airflow to your feet. It provides a highly satisfactory level of comfort along with a great grip on all kinds of wet and dry terrains. The lightness is exceptional and could very well set it apart from all other options. Since it’s also highly breathable, you can safely expect your feet to stay high and dry ever when hiking in damp environments.

You'll also have excellent grip on several surfaces with these hiking shoes on your feet. The upper will dry quickly and you’ll be stable thanks to the advanced midsole. One unique and highly appreciable feature is the addition of ankle pockets. Those with protruding ankle will absolutely love them!

These pairs do tend to run small and have a restricting toe box.

The Verdict on the Best Hiking Shoes

hiking shoes

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Of the excellent options above, the Oboz Sawtooth Low Bdry seems to be the best choice for most hikers. While it may have some drawbacks, the high Amazon ratings are certainly heartening. This is also a highly popular option according to the high number of reviews online. Since it can also help with foot health problems, it’s worth the investment!

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoes for Climbers

a girl climbing mountain

Any climber who wants to enhance their climbing experience will invest in quality climbing shoes. Evolv climbing shoes are available for beginner, novice, and advanced climbers alike. You don't want to run the risk of scaling a problematic cliff only to lose grip at the pinnacle. Nor do you want to have to sit out on a climb because you don't have the appropriate shoes. If you've ever had issues on rugged terrain or sandy peaks, you know that you need proper climbing shoes. Don't limit yourself from tackling more significant challenges as a climber. The right climbing shoes will significantly enhance your experiences, and allow you to take on more exciting climbing challenges.

Comparison Table

How to Choose Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes come in many shapes, forms, and profile varieties. Depending on the climber's skill level, the Evolv climbing shoes chosen will differ for each. These are a few of the factors climbers should consider when deciding which climbing shoes are appropriate for them.

A flat profile allows the climber's feet to rest in a natural position. These shoes typically feature a medium midsole, providing climbers proper fitting shoes for edging and general climbing performance. For those who will engage in crack climbing, flat shoes are best. They keep the feet on level ground and minimize toe-jamming.

The second option is the cambered-last profile. This style is for a slightly higher performance climber. It allows climbers to transmit higher power on small footholds. These shoes are for face terrains, overhanging terrain, and steep crack climbing. The shoes will fit a little snug on the feet.

The hooked-toe design is for the most experienced climbers. When climbing sustained overhanging terrain, these shoes are a great option. The downturned profile and beak-like toe are perfect for climbing the tightest footholes. The hooked position gives climbers the most significant force and allows them to exert more force when climbing tight corners.

Climbing Shoes vs. athletic shoes

The main difference in climbing and athletic shoes (or sneakers) is the profile. As detailed above, climbing shoes feature distinct profiles and curvatures, which help enhance the climbing experience. They provide climbers with greater grip, force, and traction. Athletic shoes feature a thin outsole, and most pairs are incredibly flat. This design limits the climber's ability to dig into footholds or maintain balance on certain terrains.


Once climbers have chosen the profile, they must select the appropriate closure-type. There are three varieties of climbing shoe closures as well. The lace-up option is ideal for climbers who want high levels of customization for tightening the Evolv climbing shoes. For easier climbs, climbers can loosen the laces to release pressure on the feet. On challenging climbs, they can tighten the shoes for a snug fit, and enhance climbing performance.

The slip-on is a second variety for climbers to consider when choosing climbing shoes. These aren't the best option for tightening the climbing shoes. The soles on these shoes are typically less stiff than the other closure varieties. Therefore, climbers work harder to compensate for that.

The hook/Velcro closure system is a final option available to climbers. This closure system also allows climbers to tighten/loosen the shoes quickly. They are suitable for bouldering or indoor climbing.

Outsoles Materials for Climbing Shoes

Nearly every pair of climbing shoes features a proprietary rubber outsole finish. Each manufacturer also utilizes its process to design climbing shoe outsoles. However, each climbing shoe, regardless of manufacturer, features one of two thickness levels climbers can select. Thinner outsoles are ideal for novice to advanced climbers, while a thicker outsole is ideal for beginners.

Thin outsole

Thinner outsoles typically measure between 3-4mm in thickness. For slab and smearing routes these outsoles are the best available. The thinner outsole gives climbers the ability to have a greater "feel" of the surfaces they're climbing. They also, however, minimize grip, meaning beginners might not fare well with these shoes.

Thick outsole

Thicker outsoles range between 4-5.5mm in thickness levels. The shoes are also durable and provide high levels of support for edging. They don't afford climbers the same sensitivity levels on surfaces as thinner outsoles. This outsole will last longer. They are ideal for those who are learning how to climb on new surfaces and need little additional traction.

How We Reviewed the Evolv Climbing Shoes

When reviewing Evolv climbing shoes, we look at several factors. The shoe profile is of high importance to help both beginners and advanced climbers choose the right pair. Additionally, the material quality and finish, design, and comfort levels are areas we review. We also consider the price of the climbing shoes is in the review process.

Where to Purchase and Average Price of Evolv Climbing Shoes

Evolv climbing shoes are available through the company's website as well as through Amazon and Backcountry website. The prices for the shoes we include cost between $ to $$$. Quality, the design, and whether shoes are for beginner or advanced climbers, all impact the price of the shoes.

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoes Available

There are several great pairs of Evolv climbing shoes. Shoes for climbers who are just beginning and for advanced climbers are available. These are some of the best options available for climbers looking for Evolv climbing shoes today.

Evolv Skyhawk

Evolv Skyhawk Climbing Shoe - Women's White/Blue 9.5
  • Improved fit
  • New high quality material
  • Treated with a new anti-microbial mesh material to eliminate odor

This climbing shoe features a flat profile, making them perfect for beginner and novice climbers. The anti-microbial mesh lining eliminates odor and creates a more sanitary climbing shoe. The upper, synthetic material finish is durable, soft, and ensures a comfortable fit.

New climbers like the Velcro closure style. This system and the breathable synthetic material finish makes for a great beginner climbing shoe. The primary complaint customers indicate is that the sizing of the shoes. Many reviewers state that consumers should purchase a minimum of half, to one size larger than they generally wear, especially if wearing the climbing shoes with socks.

These shoes range from $ to $$ on Amazon. The reviewers give this shoe a 3.7 out of 5-star rating.

Evolv Men's Defy

Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe - Black/Sulphur 14
  • A major upgrade to Evolv's all time best selling shoe
  • New anti microbial mesh to eliminate odor
  • Improved fit

The climbing shoe features a synthetic sole and asymmetrical profile. The flat profile is excellent for beginners who are learning to grip and climb on varying terrains. The bottom is 4.2mm in thickness, made of high friction rubber. It gives climbers high levels of traction and grip, on all climbing surfaces.

The Velcro closure style is easy to adjust and easy to slip on and off the feet. Climbers also like the thicker outsole, as it allows them to have greater stability below their feet, on challenging terrain. Many climbers note that these shoes run extremely small in size. Several reviews also indicate the upper, synthetic finish is warm, so climber's feet tend to get warm quickly.

The price for these climbing shoes ranges from $ to $$. The Amazon rating for the shoe is 3.5 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Elektra

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe (2014) - Women's Teal 6.5
  • Profile: Asymmetrical
  • Upper: Synthetic (perforated Synthratek upper); Lining: Nylon (comfortable and plush)
  • Midsole: MX-P: 1mm sensitive half-length

The Evolv climbing shoes feature a high-quality, exterior synthetic material finish. The semi-flat profile is excellent for beginners transitioning to the next phase in their climbing experience. The anti-microbial mesh treatment helps eliminate odor and keep feet cool in warm conditions.

Climbers appreciate the lace-up closure system. This lacing system is excellent for loosening or tightening the shoes as necessary, for more support, or increased comfort. The only complaint which is the issue of sizing. As with previous Evolv shoes, the reviewers indicate the shoes run a little smaller than the size label suggests.

The price of these shoes runs from $ to $$. They have an Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Men's Royale

Evolv Men's Royale Climbing Shoe,Royal Blue,5 M US
  • 2.5mm full length midsole
  • Double layer of rubber at toe for increased durability
  • Structural webbing on leather upper maintains fit

The upper-suede finish is durable and withstands outdoor conditions well. The Velcro closure system makes it easy to slip the climbing shoes on and off and adjust tightness easily. The TRAX rubber outsole has exceptional friction/traction, keeping climbers stable on rugged terrain.

Climbers who are new to the sport like the thicker outsole. At 4.2mm, the shoe also provides excellent balancing and traction on smooth and slick terrain. Size and comfort issues are the primary concerns climbers have with these Evolv climbing shoes. Many reviewers indicate customers should purchase at least one size larger than their traditional size. Many also note the interior finish and midsole doesn't provide much comfort.

The climbing shoe is available for a price between $ to $$. They have an Amazon rating of 3.4 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Kira

Evolv Women's Kira Climbing Shoes Teal 8.5
  • Profile: Asymmetrical
  • Sole: 4.2 mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Rand: VTR rand (thicker at toe)

The lace-up shoes are perfect for beginner and novice climbers alike. They feature a synthetic suede upper, and mesh liner, increasing breathability in warm weather. The shoes also feature a back pull up tab design, making it easier for climbers to put the shoes on.

Climbers appreciate the lacing system of these shoes. It easily allows them to adjust for comfort, or tighten for more stability when needed. And, the thick rubber outsole features also provides excellent stickiness/grip, on all types of rock and terrains. Customers indicate these shoes have a very sharp and stiff heel. Also, the fact that the shoes are tight makes them uncomfortable for long climbs.

The price of these shoes averages $ to $$. Amazon reviewers rate the climbing shoe 3.4 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Axiom

These shoes feature an extremely aggressive downturn profile position. This profile is perfect for advanced climbers who need to grip into tight edges. It is also ideal for climbers in need of additional power when springing on higher hills or surfaces.

The shoe features an additional toe rubber for improvements in toe hooking. It gives climbers greater traction and force when mobilizing on steep terrain. The lace-up closure system also enhances tightness levels when needed on challenging climbs. Climbers complain that the shoes run small and are extremely narrow. These features detract from overall comfort levels, especially on longer climbing excursions.

These shoes range from $ to $$. Amazon consumers rate the shoe 4.1 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Shaman

evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe,Orange/Blue,4.5 M US
  • The ultimate performance climbing shoe developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma ideal for hard sport climbing and...
  • Downturned asymmetric with the knuckle box Two piece 4.2 mm TRAX High Friction Rubber
  • VTR3D variable thickness toe rand

These Evolv climbing shoes are ideal for novice to advanced climbers. They feature a Velcro closure finish and 4.2 mm outsole. The VTR rand provides a thicker toe-bed, allowing climbers to mobilize their feet/toes easily in the climbing shoes.

Climbers appreciate the thicker toe-box construction and technologies. Many also like the Velcro closure, rather than lace-up, as it's a little more comfortable during longer climbs. Some climbers complain that the shoes get smelly very quickly. Unlike other Evolv climbing shoes, they don't feature a mesh liner. This missing design feature is possibly the reason this is an issue with these shoes.

These climbing shoes average price is $ to $$. Additionally, the overall reviews by Amazon customers are 3.9 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Oracle

Evolv Oracle Climbing Shoe - Men's Blue/Red/Gray 5.5
  • Quick-Lace Closure System
  • Ultimate heel tension using the FSS Heel Tension system
  • Agion Anti-microbial lining

The quick-lace closure system allows climbers to adjust or tighten the shoes as necessary easily. The FSS heel tension system provides climbers unparalleled support, on all terrains. The anti-microbial lining also helps eliminate odor and increase breathability.

Climbers like the FSS heel system. It helps stabilize the heel into place to limit mobility. They also appreciate this feature for extremely tough climbs because it helps minimize the potential for injuries. Issues with sizing are a significant concern for climbers. As with most other Evolv climbing shoes, the reviewers also note that these shoes also run a little tight.

The climbing shoes run between $ to $$ in price. Amazon customers rate these shoes 5 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Nikita

Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoe - Women's Violet/Gray 8.5
  • Unlined US quality leather
  • Full lacing with speed eyelets
  • Full-length, arch supported 3-d midsole

The 100 percent leather exterior is durable and built to withstand difficult climbing trails. Also, the shoes feature a lace-up closure allowing experienced climbers to tighten/loosen quickly, depending on the trail intensity.

The shoe features a 3D midsole and full-length arch support. The cushy tongue design also provides added layers of comfort when wearing the shoes with or without socks. Every reviewer indicates consumers should size up, a minimum of a half to one size larger than standard sizing.

The price for these shoes averages $ to $$. Amazon reviewers also rate the shoes highly with 4.0 out of 5-stars.

Evolv Kronos

Evolv Kronos Climbing Shoe - Men's Black/Olive 10.5
  • Profile: Asymmetrical
  • Sole: 4.2 mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Rand: VTR rand (thicker at toe)

The synthetic upper finish is durable and has a mesh liner to help eliminate odor. This feature also increases breathability to keep climbers cool. The Velcro closure allows for quick tightness adjustments, and an elastic tongue reduces bulk.

The three-strap hook closure system allows for even tightening throughout. The slightly-cambered last is perfect for small edges and thin cracks on climbing trails. Reviewers indicate the toe-box is exceptionally tight. Additionally, the thinner style makes the shoes somewhat uncomfortable for longer hiking days.

The climbing shoes price average is $ to $$. Amazon customers rate these shoes 4.7 out of 5-stars.

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoe for Beginner and Advanced Climbers

There are several great pairs of Evolv climbing shoes for beginners and advanced climbers. The primary complaint with Evolv climbing shoes is the issue of small sizing. With this being said, they offer a great series of shoes for beginners and advanced climbers.

For beginners, our pick is the Evolv Nighthawk Climbing shoe. Also, the shoes feature a rugged outsole, and high levels of stickiness to grip slippery terrains. Additionally, the lace-up closure system allows for ease in adjusting tightness levels when necessary. The quality synthetic finish and mesh liner, also helps increase breathability and comfort levels.

The best climbing shoe for advanced climbers is the Evolv Luchador SC. They feature a quality exterior synthetic design. Also, the shoe has Velcro closure throughout three points, for increasing overall comfort/tightness when necessary. Because of the semi-cambered design, climbers can easily scale difficult mountains and thin corners.

Backpacking Water Filter: Choosing The Best For Hiking, Camping, And Travel

Woman Drinking Water: Best Backpacking Water Filter

Are you looking for a backpacking water filter? There are hundreds of them on the market today, but finding the best option is a daunting task. There’s no way you can survive in the wild without the basics: food, shelter, and clean water. If you’ve ever experienced stomach parasites, then you understand just how critical clean water is. If you haven't, you never want to.

Water naturally contains biological pathogens that can damage your body and digestive system. Instead of allowing dirty water to ruin your backcountry trip or hiking experience, you’re better off packing a water filter. Trust me, nothing ruins a good backcountry trip quicker than giardia.

We’re quite fussy about the quality of binoculars we choose. Enhancing your visual field is a Faustian bargain if you’re gaining a migraine with your newfound far-seeing ability. To be the best binoculars on the market, the product had to have features that outweighed its cons, a reasonable price, and a favorable brand reputation.

Comparison Table

What Is a Backpacking Water Filter

bottled water with filter placed in a cement floor

Image via Flickr

In simple terms, a backpacking water filter is a device that’s used to remove unwanted substances like bacteria, protozoa, viruses or harmful chemicals from drinking water. It is essential if you intend to go on a multi-day outdoor adventure. It works by filtering out the bad and letting only clean water pass through, allowing you to drink clean water right away. Most water filters require pumping or squeezing, which can be pretty annoying.

Backpacking water filters come in different types, the main ones being the squeeze or sip water filters, pump water filters, and gravity water filters. The sip or squeeze backpacking water filter is a lightweight personal filtration solution best for day hikes. Pump water filters have a pump mechanism that lets you filter large amounts of water and are best for filtering water quickly for yourself or for a small group. Gravity backpacking water filters are suitable for large groups.

FAQs About Backpacking Water Filters

If you plan on venturing into areas where untreated surface water may be your only source of drinking water, then a backpacking water filter is a must. Water treatment is the only way backpackers can avoid picking up unpleasant illnesses caused by pathogens that hide in the water. Unless there's a sign that clearly states the water is safe for drinking, you must take precaution and treat it.

How does a backpacking water filter work?

Are backpacking water filters any different from purifiers?

Why should I use a backpacking water filter over other filtration methods?

What to Look for in a Backpacking Water Filter

Water treatment goes a long way in maintaining your health while out on the hiking trail or the outdoors in general. Water sources vary in terms of safety levels for drinking water, but that doesn’t mean that a pristine-looking source can’t make you sick. What makes for a good backpacking water filter? Consider the factors below when selecting one for your next backcountry trip.

1. Purification vs. filtration

It is important to know the difference between a water filter and purifier. The main difference is in the size of the pathogens each fight. While purification eliminates viruses, filtration removes bacteria and protozoa, while removing debris and silt to ensure the water is more pleasant to drink. Purification, however, doesn’t remove the debris and silt.

2. Type of backpacking water filter

Some water filters are easy to set up, while others require your full participation such that you’d have to filter the water by pumping it or squeezing physically. The type of filter also matters because some are ceramic and shouldn’t be exposed to extreme weather temperatures.

3. The water source

man opening bottled water near the river

Image via Flickr

How clear is your water source? This affects the water filtering process, and subsequently the type of backpacking water filter to choose. Elements such as leaf debris, glacial sediment or mud can murk up the water source, so you need a water filter to remove the dirt and debris.

You can also use a prefilter, like a cloth or a bandana, depending on how congested the water is so that you don’t clog up the water filter itself before filtration. Other considerations include the reliability and endurance of the backpacking water filter, the type of chemical treatment you are using, and the average filter life.

4. Pore size

The pore size is the size of the holes in the water filter through which the water passes and is squeezed. The smaller the pore size, the better to capture pathogens while permitting the passage of water. Before buying a backpacking water filter, especially mechanical ones, review the pore size (measured in microns) against the size of pathogens to be filtered out as not all filters can remove all pathogen types.

5. Weight of the backpacking water filter

For any backpacker, just like other travelers, weight is significant when it comes to all your gear, and your backpacking water filter isn’t an exception -- especially for longer trips. There’s usually a tradeoff between the weight and speed of filtering, but a small and light filter will tend to take longer to filter the water.

6. How long it takes to filter a liter of water

There are speedy water filters, and there are those that take some time. What you need to consider here is how many people you intend to filter water for, because you’ll need more time in such a case. While using chemicals can purify large volumes of water, it can take longer to do, compared to a backpacking water filter that can do it within minutes. Ultimately, you’re here for the experience, so you want a treatment method that will help you save on time too.

7. Availability of replacement parts

Water filters have a filtering element which when used over time tends to wear out and will need replacement. In some cases, both the water filter and its unit are disposable, and thus need to be replaced entirely after its lifespan. The price of the filter and replacement cartridges is also something to consider along with their availability.

How We Reviewed

katadyn microfilter bottle

Image via Amazon

We researched more than 20 different backpacking water filter models before reviewing them, to help you find the best choice for specific applications. We reviewed each model through the lens of the traits of a good backpacking water filter and evaluated each contender’s weight and bulk so you can make an informed decision on the best option for your camping or hiking activity. We’ve laid out the best options for the most common circumstances as well as the best backpacking water filter of the bunch.


There are many choices in backpacking water filters. The least expensive may cost less than $5, while more expensive filters can cost up to $490. The average user can find a perfectly functional backpacking water filter for less than $100.

- Best Backpacking Water Filters of 2019 -

There are different types of backpacking water filters you can choose from. The main ones are pump filters, gravity filters, bottle filters, squeeze filters, and straw-style filters, all of which you will find in the list below. The list is in no particular order and isn't exhaustive, but these serve as an excellent place to start when looking for a backpacking water filter.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw is a straw-style backpacking water filter best for personal use. The solo straw is dipped into a water source, or into a water bottle, and removes almost 100 percent bacteria and protozoa. You can wear it around your neck with its lanyard or stash it on your hip belt for on-the-go drinking while hiking, or in case of emergencies. You can buy it on Amazon, or you could purchase it from the Lifestraw brand website.


  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Great for day hikes
  • Affordable
  • Removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and protozoa
  • Filters up to 1000 liters
  • Good for emergencies
  • Instant water treatment


  • Small treatment capacity
  • Not durable
  • Doesn’t filter viruses
  • Not practical as you need to lay down to use it
  • Not good as a primary backpacking treatment method

Sawyer Product

Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System, Single, Blue
  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel, and emergency preparedness
  • High-performance 0.1 Micron absolute inline filter fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 2 ounces; 100% of MINI...
  • Attaches to included drinking pouch, standard disposable water bottles, hydration packs, or use the straw to drink...

The Sawyer Mini Water filtration system is a straw-style and squeeze backpacking water filter, so you get two types in one. It is great because you can attach it to the reusable squeeze pouch and drink directly from the filter, or, you can squeeze the water directly into a water bottle. It screws onto most disposable water bottles and attaches inline on a hydration pack without the need for adapters. You can also sip from the personal drinking straw and drink directly from the source. It also removes almost 100 percent of bacteria and protozoa. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adaptable
  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal for a long day hike or backpacking trip with one or two people
  • Easily attaches to the mouth of the pouch or water bottle
  • Extra straw included for drinking directly from a water source
  • Can filter large volumes of water up to 378,500 liters


  • Squeezing process can be tedious and annoying
  • Squeeze bags tend to wear and break
  • Doesn’t filter viruses
  • Doesn’t treat large quantities
  • Gets hard to use

Katadyn Hiker Pro

Katadyn Hiker Pro Transparent Water Microfilter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Purifying Element: filter
  • Eliminates: protozoa & bacteria

The Katadyn is one of the bestselling water filters, with a great niche that other backpacking water filters don’t fill. It is the best pump water filter for use in small and shallow water sources, besides being light, sturdy and fast. If you plan to go on a multi-day backpacking trip with three or so people, this filter will fit snugly in your backpack. It uses an active carbon core to eliminate bad odor or taste and reduce chemicals while removing pathogens and silt at a liter per minute (48 pumps). It has a bottle adapter and can filter up to 1,150 liters of water.


  • Has an attached pre-filter
  • Dependable and fast
  • Good for use with cloudy or sediment-filled water
  • Removes large contaminants
  • Prefilter increases life span
  • Sturdy and can pull water from tough to reach sources


  • Requires heavy pumping
  • Doesn’t filter viruses
  • Bulky
  • Pricey

Platypus GravityWorks

Platypus GravityWorks 2.0L Filter Bottle System
  • Bottle Kit: Minimalist setup uses a Universal Bottle Adapter to connect the system directly to an existing water bottle...
  • No pumping: Just fill the dirty reservoir, hang it, and let gravity do the hard work.
  • Fast: Filters up to 1.5 liters of water per minute; filter lifetime up to 1,500 liters of water.

The Platypus Gravity Works is a complete water treatment filtration kit that has two four-liter water reservoirs, a water filter, and connecting hoses. It is ideal for filtering large quantities of water quickly at a speed of over one liter per minute while removing pathogens and particles. This makes it the most efficient backpacking water filter for large groups of people.


  • Effective against protozoa, bacteria and other biological pathogens
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for large groups
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Treats and stores up to eight liters of water


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Hard to close
  • Doesn’t treat viruses
  • Hard to collect water from some water sources

Renogy Water Purifier

Renogy Water Purifier High Filtering Rate Virus and Heavy Metal Tested...
  • 【High Filtering Rate with Replaceable Filters】 Precise UF Membrane Filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria...
  • 【Perfect for Survival】Pumps water directly into any portable hydration bottle/pack. Ideal product for outdoor...
  • 【Compact and Portable】5.8 inches long, produces a fast flow rate of 600ml/min. Perfect for filtering large jugs of...

Survivor filter pro is a portable backpacking water filter great for camping, hiking and emergency. It filters water in three stages, with two cleanable 100,000-liter membranes and a carbon filter to eliminate bad taste and odors. It filters fresh water, which you can also store for emergencies, and is ideal for one person or larger groups.


  • Small and easy to use
  • Lightweight (10 oz)
  • Useful for groups
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, and staph
  • Reduces heavy metals
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Good flow rate
  • Longer filter life
  • Triple filtration


  • No straw
  • Too large for solo backpacking
  • Hand pump not sturdy
  • Cannot be frozen

Final Recommendations

Now that you know what to look for in a backpacking water filter, and have narrowed down your options based on the top picks we've listed here, we believe you'll be able to pick the best one for your hiking or camping activity. Our pick for the best personal backpacking water filter would be the Lifestraw personal water filter. The water filter that offers the best bang for the buck is the Sawyer mini filtration system, as it offers a three-in-one water filtration package that can be used in different ways. However, if you prefer a pump backpacking water filter, the Katadyn Hiker Pro is right for the job. But overall, the Lifestraw backpacking water filter takes the crown.

Featured Image: Pixabay