Camping is one of the great American pastimes, but anyone who has slept out much knows that you need the right camping gear. Whether backpacking, canoe tripping, or car camping, the right gear will help you stay safe and comfortable. In this article we'll look at some of the best camping gear available on the market and help you decide which pieces are must-haves and which ones can stay home.

To break down the camping gear on this list, we compared their features, prices, availability and specs like size and weight. We also included a few pros and cons for each product to give you a quick reference of how they stack. We also chose an overall top product from all the camping gear on this list based on quality, value, performance, and usefulness.

The outdoors industry is awash with camping gear and even the most experienced campers can have a hard time deciphering necessities from novelties. Each product in this article could be a useful item, depending on the style of camping trip you've got planned.

Camping Gear FAQ

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1. Will Different Styles of Camping Require Different Gear?

2. How Do You Know What You Need?

3. What Are the Most Important Pieces of Camping Gear?

4. Where Can You Buy Camping Gear?

5. Should I Buy Expensive Camping Gear?

How We Reviewed

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For this article we picked a range of camping gear products representing different price points and uses. These products will appeal to different campers depending on their adventures, but they're all worth a look. We compared each of their features independently, but also in comparison with other pieces of camping gear.

We chose our overall top pick based on value and usefulness. This may not be the perfect piece of gear for every type of camping, but each stands out in its own right.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

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The products on this list range in price from around $20 up to around $500.

What We Reviewed

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven
  • 1-Quart Camp Dutch Oven for campfire or fireplace cooking
  • Seasoned cast iron ready to use
  • Cast iron lid inverts for use as griddle

If you are car camping or riding to a campsite in a boat, a cast iron dutch over can be a great way to cook. This dutch over from Lodge is pre-seasoned, so it's ready for use right out of the box. The lid on this unit also has a generous lip so hot coals can sit on top and heat from above.


  • Excellent six quart size
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Lipped lid for coal placement 


  • Heavy at 14 pounds
Road Shower 4S
  • This is the updated road shower 4s. 4 gallons - 65 psi. Sku rs04s
  • Road shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack
  • With the road shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go

The Road Shower is 10 gallon tube that mounts directly to the roof rack of any SUV and houses pressurized water. A rubberized tube can then be opened to release either warm or cool water for use either bathing or cleaning.


  • Can warm water in bright sun
  • Excellent choice for portable cleaning needs
  • Warm or cool water 
  • Pressurized


  • Only useful if traveling via SUV
  • Expensive
GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station
  • Portable folding cook station brings the kitchen outside with counter and storage space for a camping stove or grill,...
  • One-piece powder-coated steel frame unfolds easily to reveal an aluminum counter top, storage rack, and four plastic...
  • Heat-resistant aluminum counter top (weight limit 48 lbs.) is the ideal space for a camp stove; lower rack (weight limit...

The Master Cook Station from CGI Outdoors is another excellent choice for those who need not travel light. This unit is a complete fold-out kitchen that boasts an aluminum counter top, a lower rack for storage, 3 plastic side tables, a telescoping lantern pole and a soft-shell sink with a drain.


  • Great for extended camping stays  
  • Soft sink for easy dish washing 
  • Folds for quick transporting in a vehicle
  • Large one-piece design


  • Weights over 20 pounds
  • Takes up a lot of space in when folded
NOMATIC Travel Pack- Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight...
  • Carry-on travel backpack with internal, zippered laptop sleeve; ultra-flexible and lightweight; made of durable water...
  • The mesh divider separates you clothes from your electronics and everyday carry items. There's a charging cable pass...
  • Simple expansion process makes it easy to expand from a 20L bag to a 30L. Bag dimensions are 18.5"x6"x12" and weighs...

Nomad's travel backpack won't be the option for those hitting Appalachian Trail, but could be perfect for the adventurous traveler who might spend a night or two under the stars. This is an expandable travel pack that can cinch down to 20 liters, but also expand out to 30 liters. It has a large main compartment like a suitcase and many travel oriented pockets and sleeves. Storable shoulder straps will also make this winner when coupling with rolling baggage.


  • Expandable and collapsible 
  • Removable laptop pouch 
  • Hidden security pocket
  • Passport pocket


  • Not intended for backpacking
  • Won't house clothing and camping gear together
Hydrapak Expedition 8L Storage
  • Lightweight water storage and delivery solution for camping, picnicking, or any backcountry expedition
  • Extremely packable, flatten, roll and wrap with tether when empty
  • Flexible webbing handle for carrying or hanging

The Expedition from HydraPak is not only a clever piece of camping gear, but it could also be a lifesaver. This is a soft-sided water reservoir with a huge 8 liter capacity. It would likely be too heavy to carry while filled, but it could be great to have while car camping or setting up a base camp. It packs flat, so it will be easy to carry into the backcountry and features an easy plug-in spout.


  • Huge capacity
  • Plug-and-play spout
  • Packs flat for easy carrying 
  • Weighs only nine ounces


  • Too heavy to carry when filled
Geralt Pocket Knife 11-in-1 Premium Multi-Tool Heavy Duty Stainless...
  • TRUE VERSATILITY: The Geralt Survivor Series Model Swiss-Army Styled Pocket-Knife is a true 11-in-1
  • JACK OF ALL TRADES: Makes for the Perfect Gift for anyone who likes to Hike, Camp, Fish, or Camp!
  • DON'T LEAVE IT BEHIND: Considered by outdoorsmen as a must have part of their survival gear

A solid multi-tool is a must-have for any serious camper, this 11-function Swiss Army knife from Geralt has a selection of key tools that could prove helpful in a pinch. Features on this tool include a large knife, a small knife, scissors, combination nail file, nail pick, combination bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, and many others.


  • Simple and light
  • Many individual tools in one unit
  • Excellent value


  • Lacks plier features found on some multi-tools
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent
  • Spacious 8-person tent has enough room for 2 queen-size airbeds
  • Sets up in 1 minute in 3 easy steps
  • WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams keeps water out

This eight-person tent from Coleman could be a great piece of camping gear for those heading out with a large group. It's a heavy tent and best reserved for car camping but has lots of space for an entire family. It stands almost seven feet in the center and sets up in just a few minutes, so this will provide a comfortable space without too much effort.


  • Spacious for large groups 
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent value for size


  • Heavy at over 30 pounds
Nemo Sonic Down Sleeping Bag 15F
  • Thermo Gills allow you to regulate the warmth of the bag on milder nights by as much as 20°F/11°C without letting cold...
  • Toester Box: Hybrid Synthetic/Down construction reduces cold spots by mapping out areas of high compression and...
  • Center Zipper: The full length center zip of Canon can be partially opened for access without leaving the warmth of the...

Nemo makes some of the highest quality camping gear on the market and their Jazz Luxury sleeping bag is no exception. This is an oversized bag with luxury features like a pillow top, a large hood, integrated sheet, and a sleeping pad sleeve. You won't want to pack this for a long trip into the backcountry, but it will be perfect when you can spare the space and want a little extra comfort.


  • Super high quality
  • Very warm
  • Bed-like comfort


  • Heavy and less packable
  • Expensive
Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double & Single with Tree Straps -...
  • UNLIKE OTHER HAMMOCKS ours are made of high quality heavy duty 210T parachute nylon (the same kind skydivers use!) This...
  • RELAX IMMEDIATELY W/SUPER FAST & EASY SET UP: Tree straps & carabiners are included w/this hammock making set up a...
  • WE WON'T EMPTY YOUR WALLET FOR ESSENTIALS! We love the outdoors just like you and we know that the cost of gear can...

This hammock from Camping for Foodies could be a fun accessory to have on hand when hitting the campground. There's nothing earth shattering about this hammock but it has one crucial feature—a beer holder. The holder pocket also has space for a good book and is embroidered with the message "I'm Unplugging."


  • Fun striped colors
  • Bottle holder
  • Embroidered pocket
  • Good value


  • Not a true camping hammock
  • Delicate tree-mount hooks
Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent from Thermacell, Gen 1.0; Rechargeable;...
  • Highly Effective Protection - Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller works against even the worst mosquito pressure; effective at...
  • Push button simple - Keep mosquitos away with one touch of a button; lasts up to 40 hours on one refill (40 hr refill...
  • Ready for Air Travel - TSA-compliant, Radius comes with a built in Li-Ion rechargeable battery, one 12-hour refill...

Mosquitos and other creepy crawlies can turn a fun night of camping into a nightmare. Thermacell's Radius Zone repeller is a battery-powered device that emits a mosquito repellent vapor creating a 150 square foot bug-free radius. Each charge lasts for over six hours and each repellent cartridge has a 12 hour capacity. For extra power Thermacell also offers a 40-hour Radius Zone cartridge.


  • Safe and non-topical
  • Good for those with sensitive skin
  • Reliable and inexpensive


  • Some users may not like vapor scent
  • Less effective in windy conditions
  • Must be recharged and cartridges replaced

The Verdict

tent and trees during night time

Our top overall pick from this list of camping gear is the HydraPak EXPEDITION water reservoir. This is a product that would serve just about any camper well. If you're heading into the deep backcountry this water bladder can pack down flat and weighs just 9 ounces. It's an ideal choice for a base camp and will keep you from needing to fill water bottles repeatedly throughout the day. 

And while it's great for more advanced campers, this is also an ideal piece of camping gear for those going less intense. If you're at a camp group, or even RVing, you won't want to spend your time running back and forth between the water hook-ups. With this reservoir you'll have plenty of water for drinking and dishes and have easy access with their Plug-and-Play hose system.
Each of the products on this list could serve you well on a camping trip. While you wouldn't want to carry a portable kitchen or eight-person tent into the backcountry, they could be the perfect choice for a fun weekend out with friends and family. The HydraPak EXPEDITION reservoir is a great choice for campers of any stripe. It's not only a great quality and highly useful product, it's also a great value at just under $40. If you're looking for one product that will make the cut no matter how you're camping, this product is definitely worth a look. 


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