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How to Pick the Right Binoculars for Your Activity

Otherwise known as field glasses, binoculars are two telescopes aligned to allow the viewer to see distant objects. Most binoculars are sized to be...
a person wearing Merrell shoes

Best Merrell Hiking Boots For All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Since 1981 the Merrell company has been making high-performance, high-quality hiking boots, trail running shoes, and casual shoes. This company is known in the...
hiking shoes

10 Best Hiking Shoes Running Needs

Hiking is an activity that requires a high level of strength, effort, and sturdiness. Those who love hiking usually have to be very careful...
a girl climbing mountain

The Best Evolv Climbing Shoes for Climbers

Are you looking for a new pair of climbing shoes? Find out which pair of Evolv climbing shoes re right for you.
Woman Drinking Water: Best Backpacking Water Filter

Backpacking Water Filter: Choosing The Best For Hiking, Camping, And Travel

There’s no way you can survive in the wild without the basics. Instead of allowing dirty water to ruin your good time, try a backpacking water filter.
couple carrying an RTIC cooler

RTIC Coolers: Review and Our Top 8 Picks

In 2015 when RTIC Coolers came on the scene with the premium cooler boxes, they changed the game. RTIC is one of the latest brands in coolers.
Brooks Running Shoes Men

Top 10 Brooks Running Shoes Men

When buying running shoes, you can be spoilt for choice. Therefore, we have made things easier for you. We have listed the best Brooks running shoes men can purchase in 2018.
climbing rope

The Best Climbing Rope: Factors to Consider

Choosing a climbing rope doesn't have to be as challenging as you might think. Read on to find our top picks for your new climbing rope!
Man Standing At A Road

Waterproof Jacket: Your 2019 Outdoor Equipment Guide

Outdoor waterproof jackets offer several great features and designs. Find out if the Outdoor Research Foray Jacket is one of them.